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First Quantum Seeks Investment, Discusses Copper Dispute with China

Canadian Miner Seeks Funding, Discusses Future of Copper Project with China

by Victor Adetimilehin

First Quantum Minerals, a Canadian mining company, recently held discussions with Chinese government officials in Jiangxi province. The talks focused on potential investment from China and explored solutions for the company’s ongoing dispute with the Panamanian government regarding its Cobre Panama copper mine.

Investment Options and Board Influence on the Table

Representatives from Jiangxi Copper, a major shareholder in First Quantum, participated in the discussions. Topics reportedly included potential investment options for First Quantum, with a focus on Jiangxi Copper gaining a greater influence on the company’s board decisions. Additionally, the discussions explored the possibility of Jiangxi Copper purchasing First Quantum’s disputed copper concentrate inventory in Panama.

Despite being the largest shareholder, with an 18.4% stake, Jiangxi Copper is currently restricted from acquiring more than 20% of First Quantum due to a standstill agreement. The outcome of the recent talks regarding further investment by Jiangxi Copper remains unclear.

From Takeover Speculation to Supportive Partnership

The relationship between First Quantum and Jiangxi Copper has had its ups and downs. In 2019, a significant investment by Jiangxi Copper fueled speculation about a potential hostile takeover. However, recent actions suggest a more collaborative approach. Throughout 2024, Jiangxi Copper emerged as a strong supporter for First Quantum during a period of financial difficulty, actively buying bonds and shares.

“Without a doubt, Jiangxi Copper has been our most valuable partner,” said an official with knowledge of First Quantum’s operations.

Seeking Resolution in Panama: Talks Focus on Mine Maintenance

First Quantum faces a critical challenge in Panama. A dispute with the Panamanian government led to the closure of the Cobre Panama mine in late 2023. This closure, representing 40% of the company’s revenue, dealt a significant blow to investor confidence.

First Quantum has taken proactive steps to address the situation. The company issued new shares and secured a copper prepayment deal with Jiangxi Copper. Negotiations with the Panamanian government are ongoing, with discussions reportedly centering on selling copper concentrate to finance the maintenance of the disputed mine.

First Quantum’s discussions with Chinese officials highlight the company’s need for investment to navigate its current financial challenges. However, a crucial factor for the company’s future remains resolving the dispute in Panama. Successfully securing investment while finding a solution with the Panamanian government will be a delicate balancing act for First Quantum’s long-term stability.

Potential for Cooperation and a Brighter Future

The recent talks between First Quantum and Chinese officials offer a glimmer of hope. While the future of further investment from Jiangxi Copper remains uncertain, their past support suggests a potential for continued collaboration. Additionally, ongoing negotiations with the Panamanian government indicate a willingness to find a solution. If both parties can reach an agreement, First Quantum can utilize new investment to not only overcome financial hurdles but also potentially reopen the Cobre Panama mine and restore its lost revenue stream.

Source: Mining.com

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