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Water Conservation in South African Mining: The Need and the Innovations

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

Water is a lifeblood, crucial only for human survival but also pivotal for myriad industries, from agriculture and food processing to mining and manufacturing. Yet, in regions like South Africa, water is swiftly transforming into a dwindling commodity.

South Africa grapples with severe water constraints. ESI Africa projects the nation nearing physical water scarcity by 2025 and forecasts a 17% water deficit come 2030. These statistics, coupled with recent droughts, spotlight a critical challenge to the region’s socio-economic progress.

In such a context, recycling and reusing wastewater emerges as paramount. Particularly in the mining sector, where vast amounts of water aid in extracting metals from ore, maximizing water efficiency is vital. However, the varied waste streams that mining produces, laden with contaminants ranging from carcinogens like uranium and arsenic to heavy metals, complicates this endeavor.

Without treating these contaminants, recycling becomes problematic, both environmentally and operationally. Hence, robust water management strategies are essential. Adherence to international and national standards, such as those by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Health Organisation (WHO), and South Africa’s Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF), further underscores this imperative.

Companies like Multotec step into this breach, offering customized solutions that ensure mining operations have consistent, clean water supplies. Their advanced treatment technologies, developed in tandem with technological partners, achieve impressive water recoveries and ensure the treated water is fit for reuse, bolstering operational efficiency.

Among Multotec’s offerings is the cutting-edge Continuous Ion Exchange (CIF®) technology, conventional wastewater plants featuring precipitation and membrane technology, and unique methods like DESALX® and HIROX®. These tools effectively manage contaminants and enhance water quality for reuse.

Moreover, Multotec’s innovative BIOCLENS™ technology encapsulates bacteria to remove nitrogen, offering an advanced alternative to traditional biological treatments. This method excels even under challenging conditions, ensuring consistent high removal efficiency.

Designed to be cost-effective, Multotec’s water treatment plants prioritize minimizing operational costs without compromising performance. They also embrace the zero liquid discharge principle, minimizing environmental impact and solid waste management needs. Ultimately, the technology chosen hinges on the specific contaminants present and the desired water quality outcome.

A holistic approach to water management, encompassing diverse water sources and qualities, is indispensable for sustainable mining. Integrating innovative wastewater treatment technologies is key to optimizing water reuse and recycling, curbing freshwater consumption. Partnering with seasoned water treatment specialists ensures mines not only maintain adequate water reserves but also confront the looming threat of water scarcity head-on.

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