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Marula Expands Graphite Mining Footprint in Tanzania

Eight New Licences Bolster Major Graphite Project Expansion

by Adenike Adeodun

In a strategic move to bolster its presence in the burgeoning graphite sector, Marula Mining, in partnership with NyoriGreen Mining Limited (NML), has announced a significant expansion of its mining tenements in Tanzania. This development comes on the heels of NML securing ten mining licenses in the region, marking a substantial leap forward for the NyoriGreen and Nyorinyori graphite projects. The latest submission for eight additional mining and prospecting licenses is set to further extend the projects’ reach, bringing the total number of licenses to 35 and more than doubling the land area earmarked for graphite exploration and extraction.

The expansion reflects Marula Mining’s proactive approach in securing a formidable position in Tanzania’s graphite market, anticipated to play a pivotal role in the global supply chain, particularly for the battery metals sector. The addition of a vast prospecting license not only augments the project’s scale but also opens up new avenues for exploration and resource identification. With the world increasingly turning towards renewable energy and electric vehicles, graphite’s importance cannot be overstated, making Marula’s expansion both timely and strategic.

As part of the Phase 1 exploration programme, Marula has already initiated a comprehensive graphite sampling endeavor. The eagerly awaited assay results from this programme are expected to lay the groundwork for a robust Phase 2 exploration strategy. Planned activities for the second phase include geophysical surveys, multispectral satellite imagery analysis, further trenching, and the commencement of an initial resource drilling programme. These steps are meticulously designed to deepen the understanding of the region’s graphite potential and to delineate high-value targets for future development.

Jason Brewer, CEO of Marula Mining, expressed confidence in the strategic expansion, highlighting the company’s commitment to shareholder value and its partnership ethos in Tanzania. Brewer emphasized the preemptive nature of this expansion, aiming to secure a leading position in the Nyorinyori region ahead of the Phase 1 exploration results. The anticipation is that Nyorinyori will soon be recognized as a major graphite-producing region in Tanzania, contributing significantly to the country’s mining sector and to the global graphite market.

Marula’s interest in Tanzania is part of a broader strategy that spans several high-potential mining projects across East, Central, and Southern Africa. With operations in South Africa and Zambia, the company is keen on identifying and investing in mining projects that offer high-value returns. The graphite sector, with its critical role in the energy transition, represents a particularly lucrative avenue for Marula, aligning with global trends towards sustainability and clean energy.

The expansion of Marula’s mining tenements in Tanzania is a testament to the company’s vision and its alignment with the global shift towards renewable energy sources. By increasing its stake in the graphite sector, Marula is not only poised to contribute to the green energy revolution but also to reap substantial benefits for its stakeholders. The strategic positioning in Tanzania, coupled with a comprehensive exploration and development plan, sets the stage for Marula Mining to emerge as a key player in the global graphite market.

As the world continues to embrace electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, the demand for battery metals like graphite is expected to surge. Marula Mining’s expansion in Tanzania positions the company to meet this growing demand, underscoring its role in the sustainable energy ecosystem. With a keen eye on exploration and development, Marula is well on its way to establishing a significant presence in the graphite industry, contributing to the energy transition and offering promising prospects for its shareholders and partners.


Source: Mining Weekly

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