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Mining Contractor Dies in Burkina Faso Accident

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by Motoni Olodun

A tragic incident occurred on Monday at the Mana gold mine in Burkina Faso, where a mining contractor lost his life while performing maintenance activities. The contractor was an employee of African Underground Mining Services (AUMS), a subsidiary of the Australian company Perenti.

The Mana mine is operated by Endeavour Mining, a London-based gold producer with operations in West Africa. Endeavour expressed its condolences to the contractor’s family and colleagues and said it would cooperate with the authorities to investigate the cause of the accident.

Perenti also issued a statement, saying that the AUMS underground operations at Mana have been temporarily suspended and that the incident will not have a material impact on the 2024 guidance. Perenti added that it was providing support and counseling to the contractor’s family and co-workers.

The Mana mine is one of the largest gold mines in Burkina Faso, with a production of 146,000 ounces of gold in 2023. The mine has been in operation since 2008 and has a reserve base of 2.1 million ounces of gold. Endeavour acquired the mine in 2020 as part of its merger with SEMAFO, another Canadian gold miner.

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa that has seen a surge in gold mining activity in recent years. The country is the fifth-largest gold producer in Africa, with an output of 1.8 million ounces in 2023. However, the country also faces security challenges, as it has been plagued by terrorist attacks and social unrest.

The mining industry in Burkina Faso has been working to improve its safety standards and social responsibility, as well as to support the local communities and the national economy. The government has also been implementing reforms to enhance the transparency and governance of the mining sector.

Despite the unfortunate accident at the Mana mine, the mining industry in Burkina Faso remains hopeful for the future, as it continues to explore and develop its rich mineral potential. The industry also hopes to contribute to the peace and stability of the country, as well as to the well-being of its people.

Source: Mining Weekly

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