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Euro Sun Ignites Romania’s Green Mining Revolution

Sustainable Gold and Copper Project Sets New Standards

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
Euro Sun Romania project

In the picturesque west-central region of Romania, a groundbreaking mining venture is taking shape under the guidance of South African CEO Grant Sboros of Euro Sun Mining, a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The Rovina Valley project, wholly owned by Euro Sun, is poised to become a beacon of modern mining practices, emphasizing environmental sustainability and community support while tapping into the rich veins of gold and copper cradled by the Romanian landscape.

Sboros, in a candid Zoom interview with Mining Weekly, shared his vision for the Rovina Valley project, highlighting a strategic shift towards copper production in alignment with the European Union’s Critical Raw Materials Act enacted in December last year. “This is our ticket to ride,” Sboros remarked, referring to the legislation that underscores the project’s significance amidst Europe’s push for critical mineral independence.

The initiative to make the mining operation as environmentally friendly as possible includes a commitment to avoiding the use of cyanide and wet tailings, a move that resonates well with the local community’s desire to continue Romania’s storied 2000-year mining history without compromising the region’s natural beauty. “I was there last week, and every single person, from waiter to mayor, wants the project to happen as quickly as possible,” noted Richard Dolamore, an extraction communications consultant, emphasizing the local support for the project.

Despite the project’s ambitious goals, Euro Sun places a high priority on compliance and environmental stewardship, respecting the scenic yet slightly wooded area characterized by steep hills. This development marks the largest mining initiative in Romania in the last 35 years, with the government set to benefit significantly, earning 45% of the project’s bottom line.

Since stepping into his role as CEO in January of the previous year, Sboros has been actively engaging with the Romanian government to ensure the project’s success. With the environmental impact assessment nearing completion, the project is on track for construction, slated to take two years, with the anticipation of initiating production by mid-July 2026.

The Rovina Valley project aims to operate as an open-pit mine for approximately 30 to 35 years before potentially transitioning to underground mining. “We’re moving into an area that was historically mined, just 5 km away from our current position, in the mountains of Rovina. The grades may not be the highest, but the overall potential to produce ten million ounces, with prospects for doubling that on our adjacent licenses, is promising,” Sboros explained, outlining the project’s long-term vision.

Not far from the Rovina Valley, Gabriel Resources is also making strides to advance the Roșia Montană project, following a protracted legal battle that is expected to result in substantial compensation for the company.

Reflecting on his experience in Romania, Sboros observed a positive shift in the country’s reception towards mining, contrasting past perceptions with the proactive stance of the current government. “We’ve definitely seen a change from what was a bad perception of Romania. Spending a lot of time on the ground with all stakeholders has shown a shift from the previous government’s approach to the new government’s eagerness to exploit the country’s resources,” Sboros concluded, signaling a new era of mining in Romania, driven by sustainability, innovation, and community engagement.

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