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Renewable Energy Powers the Future of Metal Mining

Mining's Future: Renewables Lead Sibanye-Stillwater's Green Shift

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Renewable energy is now a pivotal element in metal mining strategies, as emphasized by Sibanye-Stillwater CEO Neal Froneman. During the Sibanye-Stillwater Battery Metals Investor Day 2023, Froneman highlighted that renewables, especially solar and wind energy, are expected to dominate global power generation, projected to rise from 30% to 60% in the next 15 years.

This shift is largely driven by decreasing costs in solar and wind energy, with nuclear power also anticipated to play a significant role in future baseload generation. These developments are integral to the mining industry’s response to climate change and resource management challenges.

Sibanye, a Johannesburg and New York-listed company, is actively engaging in this transition. The firm is leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act in the U.S., receiving substantial support for its Rhyolite Ridge project in Nevada. This project, focusing on lithium and boron deposits, is critical for Sibanye’s role in the global green energy sector.

In Europe, Sibanye owns the Sandouville hydrometallurgical nickel processing facilities in France, with plans to expand its operations to include battery recycling. This expansion aligns with the company’s broader strategy of contributing to green metal and energy solutions globally.

Furthermore, Sibanye-Stillwater’s Keliber lithium project in Finland represents its commitment to developing a diverse portfolio of green metals, aimed at reversing climate change impacts. Froneman also emphasized the company’s focus on responsibly developing copper resources in Zambia and across Africa, showcasing its commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices.

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