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Nigeria and Australia Forge Partnership to Elevate Mining Sector

by Victor Adetimilehin

Nigeria’s Minister of Solid Minerals, Dele Alake, has unveiled a significant agreement with his Australian counterpart, Bill Johnston, aimed at elevating the skills and expertise of Nigerian mining professionals. The groundbreaking deal, reached during Alake’s visit to Perth for the 21st Africa Down Under Mining Conference, entails sending Nigerian miners to Western Australia for cost-free education in modern mining technology and practices.

Australia stands as a global mining industry leader, boasting extensive experience and proficiency in the development and management of its abundant mineral resources. In contrast, Nigeria harbors immense potential for mineral development, encompassing resources like lithium, gold, coal, lead, zinc, baryte, and iron ore, among others. Alake emphasized that this initiative aspires to revolutionize Nigeria’s mining sector, stimulate foreign direct investment, and enhance global competitiveness.

“I am personally delighted about this collaboration as it will lead to attracting FDI, forming a solid mineral corporation, and enabling the sector to compete globally. It is an exciting time for Nigerian mining professionals, and we cannot wait to see the impact of this new knowledge and skill transfer on the sector,” Alake remarked.

Johnston, the Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Energy, Corrective Services, and Industrial Relations of the Western Australian government, warmly embraced the proposal. He pledged support for the transfer of knowledge and skills to Nigerian miners and expressed a commitment to sponsoring Australian mining experts to visit Nigeria to impart their insights and best practices. Johnston encouraged Alake to formalize the request swiftly, fostering collaborative efforts to achieve common goals.

The pact is anticipated to bolster Nigeria’s endeavors to diversify its economy away from oil dependency, thereby generating employment and prosperity for its citizens. Moreover, it exemplifies the growing collaboration between Nigeria and Australia across various domains, including education, trade, agriculture, and security. This partnership unfolds at a juncture when both countries are grappling with challenges in their mining sectors pertaining to environmental and social issues.

Both nations have pledged to address these concerns, ensuring that their mining activities align with principles of sustainability and offer mutual benefits for their populations and the planet.

Source: Vanguard

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