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Copper Nears 15-Month Peak on Supply Fears and Booming Demand

Green Revolution and Rebounding Chinese Demand Drive Metal Near 15-Month High

by Victor Adetimilehin

Copper prices surged to near 15-month highs, fueled by a confluence of factors: tightening supply concerns and positive outlooks for future demand. This bullish sentiment has sparked a wave of optimistic calls from market analysts.

Supply Constraints and Rising Demand

Copper prices have climbed over 15% in the past two months. This surge comes amid disruptions at copper mines around the world, threatening production at Chinese smelters – responsible for over half of global refined copper. At the same time, investors are betting on a significant rise in copper consumption in China, driven by a rebound in the country’s manufacturing sector.

Copper’s unique properties make it a vital material for the ongoing energy transition. Its applications span power cables, wind turbines, electric vehicles, and solar panels. Analysts at Citigroup believe this “booming decarbonization-related demand growth” is propelling copper into its “second secular bull market this century.” They posit that only higher prices will incentivize increased production and bridge the supply deficit.

Market Optimism and Potential for Growth

The copper market displayed stability on Tuesday, with prices hovering around $9,419.50 per ton on the London Metal Exchange. Reinforcing the bullish sentiment, recent economic data from China indicates a robust recovery in the world’s largest copper consumer. Factory activity figures surpassed expectations in March, and data suggests a rise in domestic spending.

Analysts at Citigroup draw parallels between the current market conditions and the copper bull run of the 2000s, where prices skyrocketed over fivefold in just three years, fueled by China’s rapid urbanization and industrialization. They see potential for “explosive price upside” again in the coming three years.

Recent mine setbacks around the world have exacerbated concerns about a lack of new copper supply. Bank of America strategists point out that the dearth of new copper projects is “finally starting to bite.” They forecast copper prices to average $12,000 a ton by 2026.

Tuesday also saw a rise in other base metals. Zinc prices climbed as much as 2.4%, with Chinese smelters facing overcapacity issues in the domestic metals market.

A Look Ahead

The copper market’s future trajectory will hinge on how effectively supply constraints are addressed and how robust demand growth proves to be. However, the current sentiment leans towards optimism, with the potential for copper prices to reach new heights in the years to come, driven by the green energy revolution and a resurgent Chinese economy.

Source: Mining.com


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