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Botswana Diamonds Harnesses AI to Revolutionize Exploration Efforts

Chairperson John Teeling Leads the Charge in Leveraging Cutting-edge Technology.

by Adenike Adeodun

Botswana Diamonds, led by Chairperson John Teeling, embraces AI technology to analyze its extensive database, aiming to uncover new diamond deposits and other minerals.

In a groundbreaking move, Botswana Diamonds announced its plans to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze its vast database in Botswana. With a database comprising 380 GB of data and 260,000 files, Botswana Diamonds possesses the country’s second-largest diamond exploration information set.

John Teeling, Chairperson of Botswana Diamonds, expressed excitement about incorporating AI into their exploration efforts, stating that the database provides an excellent foundation for utilizing AI to identify new diamond deposits and potentially other minerals. The company’s database includes an extensive range of geological information, covering 95,000 km² and encompassing airborne and ground geophysical surveys, soil sample results, and drill hole logs.

Botswana Diamonds’ decision to deploy Planetary AI Ltd’s Xplore mineral prospectivity technology marks a significant step forward in their exploration strategy. Developed in collaboration with the International Geoscience Service, Xplore employs semantic technology and machine learning to analyze geological data, mimicking the capabilities of a geologist but with greater speed and efficiency. This innovative approach is expected to unveil new insights and identify drillable targets that were previously undiscovered.

John Teeling emphasized the necessity of AI in analyzing the massive volume of data within the database, noting that conventional analysis methods by humans are time-consuming and impractical given the scale of the dataset. By leveraging AI techniques, Botswana Diamonds aims to expedite the analysis process and unearth valuable discoveries hidden within the data.

Moreover, the application of AI offers the potential to identify not only diamond deposits but also other mineral resources, expanding the scope of Botswana Diamonds’ exploration activities. The company’s belief in the existence of additional diamond deposits beneath the surface is reinforced by the prospect of AI uncovering new mineral deposits beyond diamonds.

In addition to AI-driven exploration, Botswana Diamonds has made significant strides in its exploration efforts, including the identification of high-grade anomalies through gravity surveys. These discoveries, coupled with ongoing environmental impact studies and follow-up drilling, position Botswana Diamonds for future success in diamond production.

Furthermore, the company’s exploration activities extend beyond Botswana, with positive developments in South Africa, Eswatini, and Zimbabwe. In South Africa, progress has been made in obtaining mining permits, while in Eswatini, a prospecting license has been granted for diamond properties. Botswana Diamonds remains engaged in exploring opportunities in Zimbabwe, recognizing its high prospectivity in mineral exploration.

Botswana Diamonds’ adoption of AI technology represents a significant advancement in mineral exploration, promising to revolutionize the industry by unlocking new discoveries and enhancing operational efficiency. With a strategic focus on leveraging technology and exploring new territories, Botswana Diamonds is poised for continued growth and success in the diamond mining sector.


Source: Mining Weekly

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