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Caledonia Set to Launch Zimbabwe’s Largest Gold Mine

African Banks Back $250 Million Mining Investment in Zimbabwe

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

Caledonia Mining Corporation, a prominent player in Zimbabwe’s gold mining sector, is setting the stage for an ambitious expansion with plans to develop a new $250 million gold mine. CEO Mark Learmonth revealed that African development banks are poised to be the key financiers of this venture, positioning the project at the forefront of Zimbabwe’s mining industry growth. The new mine, located at Bilboes, is projected to have an annual output of at least 170,000 ounces of gold, potentially establishing it as Zimbabwe’s largest gold mine.

Zimbabwe, a nation rich in mineral resources such as platinum group metals, gold, and lithium, has faced challenges in attracting foreign investment due to economic instability and concerns over property rights, stemming from past government actions. However, Caledonia Mining Corporation, buoyed by support from reputable investors like BlackRock and Allan Gray, has successfully navigated the complex investment landscape in Zimbabwe. This success story marks Caledonia, alongside other mining giants like Anglo American Platinum and Impala Platinum, as one of the few foreign entities investing in the country amidst its economic hurdles, including foreign currency shortages and episodes of hyperinflation.

During a conference call, Learmonth highlighted the company’s ongoing preliminary discussions with potential lenders for the Bilboes project. “They are going to be African development banks who have indicated a high degree of interest in this project,” he stated, emphasizing the strategic financing approach centered on debt as the principal funding mechanism. This approach underscores the company’s preference for debt funding due to its cost-effectiveness compared to other financing options. Caledonia’s strategy involves securing a clear understanding of the project’s debt capacity before exploring non-debt funding avenues.

Looking ahead, Learmonth expressed optimism about finalizing funding within the next year, with construction of the mine anticipated to span two years following the financial closure. This timeline underscores the company’s commitment to advancing the project efficiently, aiming to bolster Zimbabwe’s mining sector and its economy.

Despite the promising outlook for the Bilboes project, Caledonia’s financial performance in 2023 encountered challenges, with operating profits dropping 62% to $15.18 million from $40.28 million in the previous year. This decline was attributed primarily to escalated administrative and production costs, highlighting the fluctuating nature of the mining industry’s financial sphere.

As Caledonia Mining Corporation advances its plans for the Bilboes gold mine, its efforts represent a significant milestone in Zimbabwe’s quest to harness its mineral wealth. With the backing of African development banks and a clear financing strategy, the project stands as a beacon of potential economic revitalization and investment attraction in a country poised for growth in the mining sector.

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