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Platinum Deficit Deepens as Northam Leads Charge  

CEO Dunne Highlights Strategic Positioning Amid Market Challenges  

by Oluwatosin Alabi

In Johannesburg, amidst a landscape where mining plays a pivotal role in economic dynamics, the platinum sector is experiencing a fundamental deficit, a fact underscored by Northam Platinum’s CEO, Paul Dunne, during a recent company presentation. This event, held to discuss the performance of the company for the six-month period ending December 31, unveiled a strong showing across all operations, yet it also cast a spotlight on the broader challenges facing the platinum industry.

Dunne, with the aid of visual diagrams, conveyed a concerning trend of declining platinum supply, likening the situation to a “slow-burning fuse” that is expected to ignite a price response eventually. This scenario is further complicated by the intertwined nature of palladium-dominant mines with significant nickel production, where the falling prices of nickel are diminishing profitability margins, casting a shadow over the future of palladium supply which was once anticipated to increase but now faces stagnation or decline.

The spotlight also turned to rhodium, a critical metal anticipated to encounter a swift return to deficit due to the depletion of South Africa’s upper group two (UG2) mines. This impending scarcity, combined with escalating inflation, paints a grim picture for sustaining supply under current market conditions, as Dunne illustrated through a margin chart during his presentation.

Dunne stressed the inherent disparity among ore bodies, positioning South African UG2 mines—with their rich composition of platinum, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, and chrome—as strategic assets in a market increasingly focused on the future. Northam’s dominance in UG2 resources, coupled with substantial capitalization, places it in a formidable position to navigate these turbulent times. The emphasis on safe production, efficient project management, and judicious financial control are deemed essential for mining operations to remain cost-effective.

In an intriguing part of the presentation, Dunne highlighted iridium chloride, vital for producing green hydrogen, underscoring iridium’s rarity and its significance, named after the Greek goddess Iris. This metal, along with ruthenium, historically considered as minor, has seen a surge in importance, contributing significantly to Northam’s revenue.

A significant development discussed was the advancement of the new Zondereinde 3 Shaft. Having completed the shaft’s equipping to 500 meters and with full commissioning expected by May 2025, this project promises to revolutionize mining at Northam by reducing employee travel time and leveraging hydropower and backfill pressure to mitigate mining risks. The project’s pace, set to achieve commissioning in a relatively short timeframe and at a reduced cost compared to traditional shaft development, underscores Northam’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

This period also saw Northam implementing stringent cost control measures, limiting the increase in group unit cash cost per equivalent refined four-element (4E) ounce to 6.7%, despite a 10.6% rise in equivalent refined 4E ounce metal production from its operations, reaching a record 434,977 oz. Such financial discipline, combined with strategic foresight, has enabled Northam to declare an R1-per-share interim dividend, bolstered by its R11.8-billion cash reserves and R11-billion in undrawn banking facilities, totaling R22.8-billion in financial robustness.

Mining weekly stated that as the presentation concluded, Dunne’s message was clear: amidst the challenges of fluctuating market conditions, strategic resource allocation, and operational efficiency are paramount. Northam’s focus on leveraging its UG2-dominant resource base and advancing key projects like the Zondereinde 3 Shaft not only positions it to weather the current deficit in the platinum market but also to thrive in the face of these adversities. This approach, characterized by a blend of caution and strategic aggression, illustrates Northam’s pathway forward in a sector marked by volatility but ripe with opportunity.

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