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First Quantum Secures $500 Million Boost from Jiangxi Copper

Strategic Copper Deal Aims to Stabilize Finances Following Panama Mine Closure

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
First Quantum financial stability

First Quantum Minerals, a Canadian mining giant, announced on Wednesday a significant financial lifeline: a $500 million deal with Jiangxi Copper, China’s leading copper producer and First Quantum’s largest shareholder. This agreement, described as a three-year prepay arrangement, involves First Quantum delivering 50,000 tonnes of copper anode annually from its Kansanshi mine in Zambia to Jiangxi, calculated at market prices.

The Vancouver-based miner highlighted the importance of this deal amidst the copper sector’s ongoing supply challenges. “This arrangement underscores the strategic significance of copper and our continued efforts to strengthen our financial stability,” First Quantum stated. The company also revealed that discussions with lenders to amend and extend loan facilities are progressing positively, indicating a collective effort to navigate through its current financial predicament.

First Quantum’s financial woes have been exacerbated by the forced shutdown of its flagship copper mine in Panama last December, alongside declining nickel prices which have pressured its operations further. The company reported a net loss in the fourth quarter, including an impairment charge of $900 million, largely attributed to its Ravensthorpe nickel mine due to the slump in battery metal prices and elevated operational costs. Facing a daunting debt maturity schedule in the upcoming years and concerns over the Cobre Panama mine’s future, First Quantum acknowledged the potential risk of breaching covenants. This situation has introduced “material uncertainty” about the company’s ongoing viability, prompting urgent negotiations with lenders for a financial restructuring.

Despite these challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope tied to Panama’s May Presidential elections, with First Quantum optimistic about a possible reversal of fortunes for its beleaguered operation. The Cobre Panama mine, one of the largest to have opened globally in the last decade, remains a critical asset for the miner’s future. In addition to its efforts in Panama, First Quantum is exploring strategic options for its assets elsewhere. CEO Tristan Pascall mentioned potential minority investments in the company’s Zambian operations and the ongoing sale process for the smaller Las Cruces mine in Spain during a conference call on the fourth-quarter results.

First Quantum’s commitment to Zambia, Africa’s second-largest copper producer, is significant, with full ownership of the Sentinel copper mine and an 80% stake in the Kansanshi mine. The company’s operations also extend to the Fishtie copper project and two license options in a partnership with African Pioneer. The company’s efforts to secure its financial footing, optimize its asset portfolio, and navigate geopolitical uncertainties highlight the resilience and strategic planning essential for sustaining operations in today’s volatile commodity markets.

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