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Weir Minerals Africa Unveils Revolutionary Hydrocyclone Cluster for Gold Mining

Innovative Design Sets New Efficiency Standards in West African Gold Project

by Oluwatosin Alabi

In a significant advancement for the mining industry, Weir Minerals Africa has recently completed the manufacturing of a pioneering 20-way cluster of Cavex® 500 CVX hydrocyclones, setting a new standard in the field. This remarkable assembly, designed to deliver unmatched operational efficiencies, reduced wear, and consistent metallurgical performance, is a testament to Weir Minerals Africa’s commitment to innovation and excellence in mining solutions.

The Cavex® hydrocyclone cluster is specifically designed to meet the rigorous classification and processing demands of a gold project in West Africa. Tailored for a milling application that includes an HPGR (High Pressure Grinding Rolls) and ball mill, the cluster will play a crucial role in classifying the mill discharge. Operating at a relatively low pressure of 73 kPa, the hydrocyclones are engineered to withstand demanding conditions, minimizing equipment wear while maintaining high separation efficiency.

Lerato Ramanala, Product Manager for Hydrocyclones at Weir Minerals Africa, highlighted the meticulous engineering that went into the cluster’s design. From port sizes to pipe schedules, every aspect was optimized to ensure obstruction-free operation, accommodating a wide range of particle sizes. The feed and discharge pipes were precisely engineered to handle the required flow rates and pressure, ensuring optimal slurry levels and preventing spillage during both normal and peak operations.

The hydrocyclone cluster incorporates cutting-edge materials and technologies to enhance its performance and durability. Key components include Cavex® hydrocyclones with their innovative 360⁰ laminar spiral inlet, Linatex® rubber linings for superior abrasion resistance, and Isogate® WR valves designed for efficient flow control.

R55 rubber, a patented material by Weir Minerals, is used in the hydrocyclones’ rubber inserts to prolong wear life and reduce maintenance frequency. Linatex® premium rubber, renowned for its exceptional performance in abrasive wet processing applications, ensures minimal maintenance requirements and optimal equipment performance.

A notable innovation in this project is the integration of Synertrex IIoT technology, marking the first greenfield cluster to utilize this advanced performance monitoring platform. Synertrex technology enables proactive monitoring of cyclone performance, detecting any roping or splashing events. This not only improves the operational effectiveness of the Cavex® hydrocyclones but also supports operators in maintaining optimal conditions and intervening proactively in case of unforeseen incidents.

Weir Minerals Africa’s local team meticulously analyzed operational requirements, flow rates, and pressure differentials in designing the Cavex® hydrocyclone cluster. Structural integrity was paramount, given the cluster’s substantial size, with computer-aided design (CAD) tools ensuring a robust structure capable of enduring challenging conditions. The design includes essential features such as walkways, support beams, and bracing mechanisms for safety and accessibility.

Manufactured at Weir Minerals Africa’s facility, the cluster underwent thorough trial assembly and quality checks before disassembly and packaging for shipment. The installation at the gold project site will be a critical component of the greenfields process plant construction, with Weir Minerals Africa specialists providing expert installation and commissioning support.

Despite its significant size, the 20-way Cavex® hydrocyclone cluster offers a compact overall footprint, allowing for space optimization within the process plant. This design efficiency, coupled with the hydrocyclones’ ability to achieve the necessary cut point, underscores the cluster’s value in providing cost-effective separation in mineral processing applications.

Weir Minerals Africa’s innovation in hydrocyclone technology, exemplified by the Cavex® hydrocyclone cluster, is poised to make a substantial impact on the mining industry. By enhancing operational efficiency, reducing wear, and ensuring consistent metallurgical performance, this project not only meets the specific needs of the West African gold project but also sets a new benchmark for mining equipment design and functionality.

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