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Orion Minerals Secures Surface Rights for Flat Mines Project Advancement

Orion Minerals Empowers Flat Mines Project with Key Surface Rights Acquisition

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
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In a significant development, Orion Minerals has successfully secured an agreement to access and acquire surface ownership rights for properties owned by Mora Plase Proprietary. These properties, namely Farm Nababeep and Farm Plaatjesfontein, are located within the extensive area encompassing the Flat Mines Project, where Orion’s majority-owned subsidiary, New Okiep Mining Company, holds a Mining Right and Prospecting Right applications at the Okiep Copper Project in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province.

Orion Minerals is actively advancing its BFS (Bankable Feasibility Study) for the Flat Mines Project, and it is concurrently progressing Prospecting Right applications in the surrounding region. Notably, this region hosts known mineral deposits that offer significant potential for upside.

The acquisition of surface rights is of paramount importance for Orion Minerals as it will enable the strategic optimization of surface infrastructure. This includes the positioning of roadways, underground access points, and ventilation systems crucial for the Flat Mines Project’s development.

This development grants Orion Minerals immediate access to conduct a comprehensive drilling program. The program’s objectives encompass the confirmation of expected metallurgical zonation and geotechnical assessments of the deposits, which have been integral to the Flat Mines Project BFS. The data obtained from this drilling initiative is expected to enhance and further de-risk the BFS outcomes.

Errol Smart, the Managing Director and CEO of Orion Minerals, expressed the significance of this milestone for the New Okiep Mining Project. Smart highlighted that the acquisition grants Orion Minerals clear access and exclusive rights to the surface area, eliminating any conflicts with surface owners that could have hindered the development of the Flat Mines Mining Project.

Historically, conflicting land use interests have posed challenges, preventing Orion Minerals from accessing the surface area for critical validation work required to finalize the Flat Mines BFS. Now, with the surface rights secured, the company can proceed unhindered with the essential infrastructure development and drilling programs.

While primary access to the deposits is situated on municipal land, which already has an access agreement in place, other vital infrastructure components such as roads, power transmission, water supply pipelines, and ventilation systems necessitate placement on the acquired surface area.

Furthermore, this acquisition not only provides essential surface access but also grants Orion Minerals the flexibility required to conduct future extensional drilling on known deposits and resource categorization drilling. It signifies a crucial step forward in the advancement of the Flat Mines Project, positioning Orion Minerals for growth and success in the mining sector.


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