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Mining Industry Advances Toward Automation, Autonomy

Technological Innovations Drive Safer, More Efficient Mining Operations

by Adenike Adeodun

The mining industry has undergone a transformative journey towards cleaner, safer, and more efficient operations, thanks to advancements in positioning and orientation technology. This shift towards automation and autonomy is reshaping the landscape of mining worldwide.

According to a report by Global Mining Review, a 2020 Baker McKenzie report valued the global smart mining market at US$6.8 billion in 2019, projecting it to soar to US$20.31 billion by 2025. The future of mining is expected to be predominantly autonomous, with machines communicating and operating with minimal human intervention. These ‘ smart’ mines will enable automated machines to handle repetitive and hazardous tasks, allowing human workers to concentrate on higher-level analysis and decision-making from safer, remote locations.

The mining industry, an early adopter of such technologies, has witnessed significant benefits from automation. These include increased efficiency, maximized safety on site, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Autonomous solutions range from operator-assist features that augment the capabilities of less-experienced workers to fully autonomous machine operations capable of running 24/7.

According to a 2022 McKinsey Survey of Mining Leaders and Executives, 71% of respondents identified talent shortages as a major hurdle in achieving production targets and strategic goals. Automation offers a compelling solution to this challenge, reducing the need for human presence in hazardous conditions, and enabling machines to complete tasks continuously. This technological leap is not just a response to current challenges but a strategic move towards a more sustainable and productive future in mining.

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