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Nigeria’s Digital Shift Sparks Surge in License Applications

by Victor Adetimilehin

Nigeria’s mining industry has seen a boom since the introduction of the Electronic Mining Cadastral Plus (eMC+), with 7,310 applications for mineral titles. In order to bring in a new era of efficiency and openness, the Nigerian Mining Cadastre Office (NMCO) promises to revoke licenses that are now dormant. Since former vice president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo launched the eMC+ on November 2, 2022, it has attracted attention, as more than 3,030 corporations have applied for different mineral titles. These comprise small-scale mining, exploration, mining, and quarrying licenses.

During the 2023 ‘Nigeria Mining Week,’ Obadiah Nkom, the Director General of the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office, disclosed that 2,053 enterprises sought assistance from the MCO, while 977 companies applied online without difficulty. The platform’s significance is demonstrated by the noteworthy total of 7,310 modifications and applications. The eMC+ is now being adopted at a rate of 38%, which is in line with the ‘Use it or lose it’ approach and indicates that non-compliance may result in license revocation. The Guardian highlights the significance of active engagement by noting a nearly 49% drop in mineral titles awarded between January and October 2022 compared to 2016.

Nkom emphasizes the crucial role that transparency plays in licensing and emphasizes the possibility of license revocation for noncompliance with fees and dormant operations. Citing a 40% unassisted application rate and its potential to draw significant investments to the mining industry, he is nonetheless upbeat about the platform’s impact. Nkom highlights that effective title administration is essential to long-term growth. Recognizing the revolutionary power of the eMC+, he exhorts industry players to embrace the changing world of digital applications.

The growth in license applications during Nigeria’s mining sector’s digital revolution indicates a move in the right direction toward greater involvement, efficiency, and transparency. In addition to streamlining procedures, the eMC+ promotes the country as a desirable location for mining investments, inspiring optimism for a prosperous future.

Source: The Guardian 



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