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MV Switchgear Lands Key Contract for Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine Expansion

by Victor Adetimilehin

MV Switchgear, a leading player in the electrical equipment sector, has clinched a pivotal contract for the Kamoa-Kakula copper mine expansion in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Building on their success with air-insulated switchgear panels, the company will now supply specialized GELPAG solid insulated switchgear (SIS) units to tackle the mine’s challenging underground conditions.

The Kamoa-Kakula copper mine previously benefited from MV Switchgear’s air-insulated switchgear (AIS) panels, which powered both surface and underground substations. With 233 SBV4E brand AIS switchgear panels installed, the company played a crucial role in supporting the mine’s operations. This new contract marks a strategic shift to enhance the mine’s infrastructure further. Rhett Kelly, MV Switchgear’s Design & Development Manager, explained, “The challenging underground conditions at the Kamoa-Kakula mine, including high humidity and dust, necessitated a shift to more specialized switchgear. Our GELPAG SIS units are ideally suited to handle these harsh environments.”

The recent contract involves supplying 149 GELPAG SIS units for eight underground substations. This decision aligns with the growing market demand for GELPAG since its introduction in late-2020. To meet this demand effectively, MV Switchgear, in collaboration with its overseas OEM partner, has initiated local production of specific components of the GELPAG units, significantly reducing production lead times.

Johan Jordaan, the division’s Technology Development Specialist, highlighted the local components’ tailored nature, stating, “The locally manufactured components, including the LV compartment, internal arc ducting, and custom drop-down boxes for cable terminations, are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Kamoa mine. Additionally, we’ve developed an LV connector system that simplifies production and accelerates delivery.”

To ensure product quality and reliability, MV Switchgear has introduced a wiring test rig, enabling thorough testing and verification of each LV compartment before integration with the GELPAG panels. “The wiring test rig allows us to ensure the integrity and functionality of each unit before integration, thereby upholding our commitment to quality and reliability in the products we deliver,” said Johan Jordaan.

MV Switchgear’s involvement in the Kamoa-Kakula copper mine project showcases not only technical prowess but also adaptability to dynamic project needs. This positions the company as a key contributor to the global mining industry’s electrical infrastructure sector.

Source: Mining Review 


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