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AfriSam Leads the Charge in Skills Development in Construction

by Adenike Adeodun

In an era where talent acquisition is crucial, AfriSam has positioned itself as a leader in skills development within the construction materials industry. With a suite of comprehensive training programmes, the company has not only enhanced its operational capabilities but has also significantly contributed to industry-wide talent cultivation.

Glenn Johnson, General Manager of Construction Materials at AfriSam, stresses the importance of nurturing strong technical skills for operational excellence in the construction materials sector. Acknowledging this need, AfriSam has invested heavily in various in-house training initiatives. These include the Engineer-In-Training, Artisan Learnerships, Trainee Works Manager programmes, and a recent addition, the Trainee Operational Managers programme focused on the ready-mix business unit.

According to a report by Mining Review, the Engineer-in-Training programme, part of AfriSam’s bursary pipeline, offers a structured platform for young graduates. It aims to develop a robust pipeline of skilled professionals in electrical, civil, mechanical, and mining engineering. This programme serves as a launchpad for graduates to either progress into line management or specialize further in their technical disciplines.

The Trainee Works Manager programme offers candidates a comprehensive understanding of aggregate operations. It encompasses legal training, blasting certifications, financial management, and people management skills. This programme is instrumental in shaping well-rounded managers capable of handling various operational aspects.

Mirroring the structure of the Works Manager programme, the Trainee Operations Manager programme zeroes in on the intricacies of ready-mix concrete production. It covers technical specifications, product application, customer interaction, and the financial and operational facets of the ready-mix business. This specialization is vital for the growth and sustainability of this sector.

Targeting candidates with completed National Qualification Framework (NQF) courses, the Artisan Learnership Programme welcomes both internal employees and external candidates. Since 2012, 83 artisans have emerged from this programme, a testament to its success and impact.

Despite the setbacks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and a downturn in the construction sector, Johnson highlights AfriSam’s unwavering commitment to people’s development. He also calls on other industry players to step up their efforts in skill development, which is crucial for the sector’s future growth and sustainability.

AfriSam’s initiative sets a benchmark in the construction materials industry for skill development and talent nurturing. Through its comprehensive training programmes, the company not only advances its own objectives but also contributes significantly to the broader industry, preparing it for future challenges and opportunities.

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