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Orica Enhances Electronic Blasting Technologies for Greater Efficiency

by Victor Adetimilehin

Orica, a leading provider of blasting solutions, is set to revolutionize its electronic blasting systems, bringing improved efficiency and productivity to its customers.

The company has introduced upgrades to its eDev™ II and uni tronic™ 600 Electronic Blasting Systems (EBS), integrating them with the well-established Blaster 3000, which is currently utilized with the i-kon™ III System.

The Blaster 3000, known for its precision and reliability, will now serve as a common blast box platform, offering enhanced user experiences and blasting capabilities for Orica’s customers using eDev™ II and uni tronic™ 600.

Dr. Rodney Williams, Orica’s Head of Initiating Systems, emphasized their commitment to making blasting safer and more efficient, stating, “We are continually making blasting safer, easier, and faster so that our customers can achieve more with less. The integration of our best technologies across our EBS product families demonstrates our commitment to delivering smarter solutions and adding value to our customers’ operations through technology and innovation.”

The upgrades to eDev™ II are particularly significant for underground development and civil tunnelling operations. They include remote firing capability, allowing up to 800 detonators to be fired remotely, and improved firing precision of +/- 0.005% for greater accuracy and improved blasting outcomes.

The uni tronic™ 600 system, designed primarily for small surface mines, quarry, and construction blasting operations, will now enable larger blasts to be fired remotely, with synchronized firing capability for up to 1,600 detonators. The upgrade also enables starter detonator functionality.

The transition to the Blaster 3000 platform offers users several additional benefits, including the capacity to store and access up to 30 blast reports, facilitating regulatory reporting and post-blast analysis.

This advancement in electronic blasting technology is poised to make mining and construction operations safer, more precise, and efficient. Orica’s commitment to innovation ensures that the industry continues to evolve and adapt to meet the growing demands of safety and productivity.

Source: Mining Review Africa 


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