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Western Australia’s Resource Projects at Risk Due to Delayed Action on Net Zero Goals, Urges CME

by Victor Adetimilehin

Western Australia’s Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) has raised concerns about the uncertainty surrounding the state’s transition to a low-emission, reliable, and cost-effective energy system. According to CME CEO Rebecca Tomkinson, this uncertainty poses a risk to major resource projects in the region. She emphasized the importance of timely action to decarbonize existing industry operations and support the growth of green industries, including critical minerals.

Tomkinson highlighted that the Western Australia resources sector plays a pivotal role in achieving net-zero emissions goals. While acknowledging the government’s intentions to transition the state’s electricity grids, she urged the authorities to translate these aspirations into concrete actions.

These statements were made in conjunction with the release of CME’s 2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission, which also outlined the need for addressing skills shortages, investing in regional communities, and prioritizing investments in essential regional and social infrastructure such as housing.

CME’s submission also reiterated its call for Western Australia to implement targeted measures to unlock the potential of the state’s critical and battery minerals industry. Such initiatives, like a ‘value-add’ rebate scheme, can enhance international competitiveness in minerals and minerals processing, aligning with the transition to net-zero emissions.

The submission emphasized the challenges faced by the industry, including inefficient assessment and approvals processes, the need to activate strategic industrial areas to release additional project-ready land, and increasing global competition for investment capital.

Tomkinson pointed out that while the resources sector is well-positioned to contribute to the state’s economic development for the next several decades, it faces challenges such as rising costs, geopolitical tensions, and skilled labor shortages. She stressed the importance of regulatory certainty, efficient approvals processes, and access to reliable and cost-competitive energy for maintaining Western Australia’s competitiveness for global investment.

The CEO called for renewed efforts to improve approvals processes and allocate resources to support sustainable development. She also emphasized the need to prevent additional duplication and inconsistency by the Australian government, which could contribute to inefficiencies and delays.

In summary, CME’s submission underscores the urgency of taking concrete actions to support the transition to a low-emission energy system and ensure the continued growth and competitiveness of Western Australia’s resource sector. Addressing these challenges is essential to achieving net-zero emissions goals while sustaining economic prosperity and job opportunities in the state.

Source: [Mining Weekly]


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