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FHS Dismisses Corruption Claims, Upholds Testing Integrity Amid Political Fray

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS) struck back at corruption allegations tied to the airport COVID-19 testing operations, branding them as politically charged falsehoods.

“Unfounded accusations stem from individuals with political agendas,” an FHS spokesperson declared.

This rebuttal follows criticisms, particularly from Okudzeto Ablakwa, undermining the COVID-19 screening procedures at the airport.

Amid the pandemic, FHS was instrumental in reinstating a sense of normalcy, spearheading rapid testing to halt the virus’s spread among travelers.

“Resource mobilization and steadfast dedication characterized our response,” emphasized the spokesperson.

The government, recognizing the need for robust airport screening following the reopening of Ghana’s air borders, strategically selected FHS.

Their pitch to the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) encompassed a thorough approach, catapulting Ghana to the forefront of airport COVID-19 precautions globally. An authority from the National COVID-19 Task Force commended FHS’s system.

“Their solution was ingenious and effective,” they confirmed.

The establishment of two high-grade laboratories and multiple testing booths, all within two weeks, showcased a capability beyond governmental speed. Concerning test reliability, the spokesperson cited the use of an innovative Automated Immunoassay System.

“Entities like JH Ryu vouched for our system’s accuracy,” they added.

The operation’s scale necessitated the initial $150 test fee. “The price accounted for significant infrastructure and staffing expenses,” the spokesperson justified, referring to comprehensive arrangements for personnel welfare amidst health hazards and intense workloads.

In light of suggestions of defrauding the government, FHS detailed the financials.

“Our transparent contract with GACL ensured reasonable recompense and pandemic-period job creation,” the spokesperson said, debunking overprofit theories.

Additionally, FHS dismissed favoritism assumptions. “Claims of government partiality lack substance and are malicious,” they stated.

In wrapping up, FHS reiterated its key role in managing the pandemic crisis, voicing dismay at the politicization of its humanitarian endeavors.

“We committed ourselves to the singular goal of saving lives,” the spokesperson concluded.

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