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Mali’s 2023 Gold Production Forecast Surpassed

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Mali’s industrial gold output is on course to meet or even surpass its 2023 projections, promising signs for one of Africa’s leading gold producers, a government official reported.

The nation’s gold production, significantly driven by key players including Barrick Gold, B2Gold, Resolute Mining, Allied Gold, and Endeavour Mining, hit 45.4 tonnes by August’s end. This figure breezed past the earlier estimate of 43 tonnes, revealed Mamadou Sidibe, chief of the mining ministry’s statistics division.

Looking ahead, Sidibe anticipates the year’s total yield to fulfill or possibly exceed the projected 67.7 tonnes, with potential to touch 68.2 tonnes. “Given the current momentum, we’re optimistic about surpassing our 2023 targets,” he asserted, acknowledging traditionally higher yields in the year’s final quarter.

This development follows Mali’s substantial industrial gold yield of 66.2 tonnes in 2022, underscoring the country’s consistent performance in the sector.

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