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Summit to Examine Critical Minerals Investment in Africa

by Adenike Adeodun

On day two of the Critical Minerals Africa (CMA) 2023 summit, a panel discussion titled “Investing in African Critical Minerals and Rare Earths Projects Today” is set to delve into the investment landscape for Africa’s vital minerals sector. This discussion becomes timely as the global energy transition and supply chain challenges reshape the arena, as Energy Capital and Power reported.

This segment aims to shed light on the prospects and barriers tied to investments in the region’s Rare Earth Elements (REE) and critical minerals domain. Attendees can anticipate a deep dive into Africa’s potential to meet the growing demand for these pivotal resources.

Expert panelists such as Jude Kearney from the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Lloyd Pengilly of Qora Capital, Patricia Rodrigues from Control Risks, Nick Mitchell of Renergen, Jonathan Veeran with Webber Wentzel, and Petur Georgesson from Technology Metals Market will grace the discussion. Olivier Barbeau of Moore Global will steer the conversation.

The experts, drawing from diverse sectors like finance, project development, and trading, will discuss anticipated changes in the demand and supply for critical minerals up to 2050. They’ll spotlight key mineral projects in Africa and assess how these endeavors have evolved to benefit investors.

Additionally, the role of synergies between governments, businesses, and local communities in fostering robust and ethical investments will come under the lens. The dialogue will also touch upon fiscal policies that could amplify investments in this sector.

Set for October 17-19, the CMA 2023 summit seeks to elevate Africa as the go-to region for critical mineral investments. Running parallel to this is the African Energy Week 2023 conference from October 16-20 in Cape Town, providing a holistic view of the energy, mining, and finance sectors.

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