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Malawi’s Green Mining Project Attracts Global Attention Business

by Victor Adetimilehin

Malawi, a landlocked country in southern Africa, is making headlines for its ambitious and environmentally friendly mining project. The Kasiya project, developed by Australian company Sovereign Metals Limited, aims to produce graphite and rutile, two critical minerals for the modern world.

Graphite is used in batteries, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems, while rutile is a source of titanium, used in aerospace, medical, and industrial applications. Both minerals are in high demand and have been identified as strategic by several countries, including the US, the EU, and Japan.

The Kasiya project is unique in its low-cost and low-impact approach. The project uses a simple dry mining method that does not require water, chemicals, or tailings dams. The project also benefits from the existing infrastructure in Malawi, such as roads, rail, and hydro power.

The Malawi government has shown strong support for the project, recognizing its potential to boost the country’s economy and create jobs. The government has formed an inter-ministerial committee to assist Sovereign with the permitting processes and ensure the project’s compliance with environmental and social standards.

The project has also attracted the interest of global mining giant Rio Tinto, which invested in Sovereign in July 2023 and acquired a 15% stake in the company. Rio Tinto will provide technical and marketing assistance to Sovereign, especially for the graphite co-product, which can be used for lithium-ion battery anodes.

The Kasiya project is expected to employ nearly 1,000 people during construction and over 1,000 people during operation, mostly from the local community. The project will also provide training and skills transfer programmes, as well as promote gender diversity and equal opportunity.

The project’s rehabilitation plan aims to return the land to its original agricultural use and potentially improve the farming techniques and productivity of the local farmers.

The Kasiya project is an example of how mining can be done in a sustainable and responsible way, contributing to the green transition and the development of Malawi and the region.


Source: Mining Weekly

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