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Implats Finalizes Empowerment Deal at Rustenburg, Bafokeng Assets

Transaction Ensures 13% BBBEE Ownership, Strengthens Local Involvement

by Adenike Adeodun

Impala Platinum (Implats), listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, has successfully finalized a series of agreements to introduce a broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) transaction at its Impala Rustenburg and Impala Bafokeng operations. This strategic move aims to enhance inclusive ownership and confirms Implats’ commitment to empowerment in the South African mining sector.

The BBBEE transaction will secure 13% ownership for black economic empowerment at both the Impala Rustenburg site, which includes the Impala Refineries, and the Impala Bafokeng through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Impala Bafokeng Resources (IBR). This marks a significant step towards equitable economic participation and highlights the company’s dedication to fostering community and employee involvement in its ventures.

Ownership distribution within this transaction has been meticulously planned. It includes an employee share ownership trust, a community share ownership trust, and a strategic empowerment consortium, receiving 4%, 4%, and 5% ownership respectively. This structured approach ensures that the benefits of mining activities are widely dispersed among those directly affected by the operations and those who contribute to its success.

Implats has chosen Siyanda Resources to lead the strategic empowerment consortium, underlining the collaboration between established mining entities and emerging black-owned businesses, thereby reinforcing the empowerment objectives of the BBBEE framework.

The financing of this transformative empowerment deal will be facilitated through loans from Impala and IBR. The repayment of these loans will be managed through dividends generated by the shares, ensuring that the transaction is sustainable and contributes to the economic resilience of the beneficiaries.

Implats CEO, Nico Muller, expressed his enthusiasm for the transaction: “We are pleased to announce the details of this empowerment transaction, which reaffirms our commitment to meaningful and sustainable economic empowerment across our operations. This initiative not only increases broad-based ownership in the platinum group metals (PGM) sector but also strengthens our business foundation.”

Muller added that the transaction was initially devised as a part of their commitments when acquiring Impala Bafokeng. The focus, however, was always on fostering broad-based participation and enhancing the economic stature of the Rustenburg asset base. He emphasized, “The intention was clearly focused on enabling broad-based participation in the resulting entity—a stronger, longer life, and more sustainable Rustenburg asset base—and meaningful empowerment ownership in the group’s South African mining, smelting, and refining assets.”

This empowerment transaction is set to provide a foundation for sustainable and lasting benefits for the beneficiaries. It represents a forward-thinking approach to corporate governance and economic inclusivity, aiming to create a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities within the South African PGM sector.

Furthermore, this move by Implats is expected to set a precedent for other companies in the mining industry, showcasing how strategic investments in empowerment can lead to substantial social and economic dividends. The initiative is a testament to Implats’ belief in the potential of South Africa’s PGM sector and its commitment to the country’s broader socio-economic development.

By increasing local ownership and participation, Implats not only adheres to South Africa’s regulatory frameworks aimed at rectifying historical inequities but also contributes to the stability and growth of the national economy. This deal is a clear indicator of the mining giant’s strategy to integrate social goals with business objectives, aiming to build a more inclusive and prosperous future for all stakeholders involved.


Source: Mining Weekly

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