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Panthera Resources Shifts Focus to Mali Gold Projects

Panthera Resources Exits Nigerian Ventures, Boosts Stake in Mali's Kalaka Mine

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

To strengthen its concentration on gold extraction, Panthera Resources, an African mining ventures business listed on AIM:PAT, announced a major reorganization of its ownership shares across multiple projects in Mali and Nigeria. The company’s ownership holdings in both regions will be adjusted as part of this strategic move, which is aimed at strengthening its position in Mali’s lucrative gold mining industry.

Panthera Resources announced on Tuesday that it had reached agreements with DFR Gold and Maniger to modify its ownership stakes in four mining projects: the Paimasa, Dagma, and Dext gold projects in Nigeria; the Kalaka gold property in southern Mali. Panthera’s ownership strategy after the reorganization calls for it to consolidate its position in Mali and sell its interests in the Nigerian assets.

Panthera will now hold 100% of Maniger as a result of the reorganization, increasing its involvement in the Kalaka project from 40% to 80%. Golden Spear Mali, the project’s local partner, will continue to hold the remaining 20% of the Kalaka project. This action is consistent with Panthera’s strategic focus on Mali, where the business believes there is a greater chance of finding substantial gold deposits.

Panthera would pay roughly $68,000 to DFR Gold in exchange for giving up its stakes in the Nigerian ventures. The goal of this payment is to settle intercompany loans, allowing for a smooth and equitable exit from these business endeavors. Panthera’s managing director, Mark Bolton, stressed that positive changes in the price of gold around the world as well as a recent re-evaluation of historical data from the Kalaka site had an impact on the company’s decision to rearrange its asset portfolio. “We believe it is a substantial mineralized gold system with the potential for a multi-million-ounce gold resource,” Bolton said, expressing his great confidence in the Kalaka project.

Panthera’s project ownership is being realigned at a time when gold prices have risen by 12% this year due to high inflation and continued uncertainty around the US Federal Reserve’s future interest rate decisions. Global mining corporations are being encouraged to revive dormant projects and expand their current mining operations by the positive trend in gold prices.

The strategically placed Kalaka gold mine is situated 85 kilometers northwest of Resolute Mining’s 6-million-ounce Syama gold mine and 80 kilometers south of the powerful 8-million-ounce Morila gold mine. Due to its physical location, Kalaka is situated in an area with significant potential for gold resources.

In addition to reflecting its strategic response to changing global economic and market conditions, Panthera’s targeted strategy in Mali also highlights a larger trend in the mining industry: mining corporations are increasingly giving priority to projects with high prospective yields and scalability. Panthera is paving the way for increased expansion and a more robust position in the global gold market by divesting its stakes in Nigeria and increasing its involvement in Mali. This strategic change demonstrates Panthera’s dedication to optimizing profits from valuable gold mining projects and adjusting its holdings to take advantage of changing market conditions and possibilities.

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