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Sayurie Naidoo Ascends to CFO at Amplats, Marking a New Era in Financial Leadership

From Financial Accountant to Executive Director, Naidoo's Journey Showcases Expertise and Vision in Corporate Finance

by Adenike Adeodun

Sayurie Naidoo’s impressive career in the finance sector, especially her extensive tenure at Anglo-American and her upcoming promotion to Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director at Amplats on May 1, 2024, exemplifies a remarkable journey marked by strategic leadership and profound expertise. Her rise from a senior manager to the top of financial leadership within Amplats showcases not only her dedication but also her adeptness in navigating complex financial landscapes.

Naidoo started her distinguished career at Anglo-American, where she began as a financial accountant after completing her articles at Deloitte. Her strong foundation in financial management was further strengthened by her academic achievements. She is a registered chartered accountant and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting from the University of Cape Town, which she obtained in 2006, following a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting in 2005. This robust educational background laid the groundwork for her subsequent roles in the industry.

Before joining Amplats, Naidoo honed her expertise at Kumba Iron Ore, a subsidiary of Anglo-American, where she held critical positions as a senior specialist and principal accountant for corporate development. Her roles involved significant responsibilities that helped refine her skills in financial reporting and strategic financial management.

Upon joining Amplats, Naidoo quickly established herself as an invaluable asset. Starting as a senior manager focused on performance reporting, she rapidly advanced through the ranks due to her proficiency in financial reporting, performance tracking, governance, controls, and system integration. Her leadership was instrumental in leading the finance team through several pivotal initiatives, including the external audit rotation in 2020, compliance with the JSE controls attestation program, and the significant migration of the company’s ERP system to a standard SAP platform (AOP).

One of the recent highlights of her career at Amplats was her leadership during the complex transition phases, such as system integrations and compliance attestations, which are critical for maintaining the financial integrity and operational efficiency of the company. Her ability to manage these multifaceted projects demonstrates her capability to navigate complex challenges and her readiness to take on the role of CFO.

As Naidoo prepares to step into her new role as CFO and Executive Director, she brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of financial stewardship. Her career trajectory is a testament to her strategic acumen and her deep understanding of the financial requisites of a major corporate entity like Amplats. In her upcoming position, Naidoo is expected to drive financial strategies that align with Amplats’ long-term goals, focusing on sustainability and profitability.

Her appointment as CFO signifies a pivotal moment for Amplats, as the company continues to evolve within the dynamic mining sector. Naidoo’s forward-thinking leadership style and comprehensive grasp of corporate finance are anticipated to lead Amplats towards enhanced financial health and strategic growth. Moreover, her role as CFO will involve steering the company through potential economic fluctuations and maintaining the financial robustness necessary to undertake new ventures and technologies in the mining industry.

Furthermore, Naidoo’s promotion reflects broader trends within the corporate world, where more women are rising to top executive roles, bringing diverse perspectives and innovation to leadership. Her success is not just a personal achievement but also an inspiration for aspiring financial professionals, especially women in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Sayurie Naidoo’s promotion to Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director at Amplats is a significant milestone in her illustrious career. Her comprehensive experience, strategic insight, and leadership qualities are poised to propel Amplats into a new era of financial success. As the mining industry faces future challenges and opportunities, Naidoo’s role will be crucial in ensuring that Amplats remains a competitive player on the global stage, ready to tackle the financial intricacies of the ever-evolving market landscape.


Source: Mining Review

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