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Pasofino Launches Gold Drilling at Liberia’s Bukon Jedeh

New Phase Begins in Prominent Artisanal Gold Mining Area

by Adenike Adeodun

Pasofino Gold has commenced an ambitious drilling project at the Bukon Jedeh site within its expansive Dugbe Gold Project in Liberia, signaling a new phase in the region’s gold exploration efforts. The company announced the deployment of drilling rigs and crews to the Bukon Jedeh ‘gold camp,’ with operations expected to start imminently.

Bukon Jedeh: A High-Value Target for Gold Exploration

Located just 10 kilometers southeast of the Dugbe Gold Project, which boasts a substantial 3.3 million ounces of measured and indicated mineral resources, Bukon Jedeh has been identified as a priority exploration target. This site lies along a 4.1-kilometer trend that has been the focus of productive artisanal gold mining for over eight decades. Currently, the area hosts more than ten artisanal-scale pits where gold is actively extracted from bedrock as deep as 60 meters.

The exploration team at Pasofino has recently completed significant groundwork, including 125 line-kilometers of magnetic surveying and detailed geological mapping. The new data indicates that mineralization is primarily developed along the east-west axes of geological folds, enhancing the targeting precision for the upcoming drilling activities.

Historically, reverse circulation (RC) drilling conducted between 2012 and 2013 yielded some high-grade intervals but did not intersect the locations of current hard-rock mining operations, which have developed significantly since those assessments. A visit by Pasofino in August 2022 to some of these pits resulted in rock samples with gold concentrations as high as 31 grams per ton.

Drilling Strategy and Community Engagement

Pasofino’s current drilling agenda is strategically designed to target the most productive pits, focusing on areas previously sampled to yield high-grade results. The plan includes drilling new holes and twinning selected RC holes from the 2012 explorations to validate and extend the known data about mineralization.

The initiation of drilling has been met with positive responses from local community leaders. In preparation for the project, Pasofino has undertaken substantial infrastructure improvements since early February, repairing roads and bridges leading to the mining area, which are crucial for the community.

Optimization and Strategic Development

In parallel with the drilling, Pasofino is actively optimizing the project based on the findings of the 2022 Feasibility Study (FS). This includes reviewing power usage and enhancing metallurgical recovery rates, which are critical for maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of the mining operations.

The company continues to engage with various stakeholders, aiming to leverage strategic initiatives that will enhance the overall value and viability of the Dugbe project. These efforts are pivotal in ensuring that the project aligns with the interests of both the investors and the local communities.

CEO’s Vision for Bukon Jedeh

Daniel Limpitlaw, CEO of Pasofino, expressed optimism about the prospects of the new drilling campaign: “We are now only days away from commencing our drilling campaign at ‘Bukon Jedeh’. This marks the first drilling endeavor in 12 years in one of the most significant artisanal gold mining regions in Liberia. ‘Bukon’ offers an exceptional opportunity to uncover new gold deposits. We have conducted thorough pre-drilling fieldwork, geological interpretation, and community engagement to maximize our chances of success.”

The start of drilling operations at Bukon Jedeh represents a critical step forward in Liberia’s gold mining sector. With a careful blend of historical data and modern geological techniques, alongside a strong emphasis on community cooperation, Pasofino is poised to potentially unlock significant gold resources. This venture not only promises to enhance the company’s portfolio but also contributes to the economic development of the surrounding region, providing a model for responsible and productive mining practices in Africa.


Source: Mining Review

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