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Chilean Copper Industry Calls for Faster Permitting Process

Delays Threaten Investment and Global Production Lead

by Victor Adetimilehin

Chile’s reign as the world’s top copper producer is facing a significant challenge: a slow and cumbersome permitting process for mining projects. Industry leaders are pressuring the Chilean government to enact proposed reforms that would expedite permit approvals.

A streamlined permitting system is critical for attracting new investment and ensuring the smooth operation of existing mines, according to copper giants like BHP and Rio Tinto. BHP, which owns the world’s largest copper mine (Escondida) located in Chile, is urging for swift action.

“Chile needs to move quickly to improve its permitting system,” said Brandon Craig, BHP President Americas. “This is crucial not only for launching new projects but also for obtaining permits to optimize our current operations.”

Rio Tinto, a major player with a considerable stake in Escondida, shares BHP’s concerns. Bold Baatar, head of Rio Tinto’s copper division, expressed a strong desire to invest more in Chile but highlighted the need for a faster permitting process.

Unclogging the Bottleneck: The Permitting Maze

The current permitting system is a bureaucratic hurdle for mining companies. Projects often require hundreds of approvals from various government agencies, leading to significant delays and discouraging investment.

In January 2024, acknowledging this roadblock, the Chilean government proposed legal reforms to streamline the permitting process. These reforms aim to reduce the number of required approvals, expediting project timelines.

However, these reforms require congressional approval, which has proven difficult to secure. The government successfully passed a mining tax reform last year, but a key industry request – streamlining permitting and reducing startup times for major copper projects – remains unaddressed.

Unlocking Investment and Maintaining Dominance

The mining industry views these permitting reforms as essential for continued growth and investment. BHP’s Craig expressed hope for swift congressional approval, emphasizing the potential to unlock significant investment in the copper sector.

Chile’s position as the world’s leading copper producer faces potential challengers. Streamlining the permitting process is seen as a critical step to maintain its dominance. While the government has proposed reforms, their passage through Congress is uncertain. The mining industry waits anxiously, hoping for a swift resolution that will unlock fresh investment and propel Chile’s copper production forward.

A Race Against Time

The global demand for copper is expected to rise in the coming years, driven by factors like renewable energy and electric vehicle production. Chile, with its vast copper reserves, is well-positioned to capitalize on this demand. However, delays caused by the current permitting system could hinder its ability to meet this growing need.

By expediting the permitting process, Chile can attract new investment, optimize existing operations, and solidify its position as the world’s leading copper producer. The industry and the Chilean government are locked in a race against time. The outcome will determine whether Chile can seize the opportunities presented by the rising global demand for copper.

Source: Mining.com

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