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Sibanye-Stillwater Taps Greg Cochran for Uranium Division Leadership

Veteran Mining Executive to Spearhead Uranium Strategy and Growth

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe
Greg Cochran Sibanye-Stillwater

Sibanye-Stillwater, a leader in diversified mining, has announced the strategic appointment of Greg Cochran as the Executive Vice President of Uranium, starting from June 1. This move signals the company’s intensified focus on its uranium ventures, aiming to unlock and enhance the value of its substantial uranium resources. Cochran’s task will involve devising and implementing robust strategies to harness the full potential of Sibanye’s uranium assets and exploring new opportunities in the uranium sector.

Greg Cochran brings to the table an impressive portfolio of more than three decades in the international mining sector, covering a variety of commodities and holding pivotal leadership roles across the globe. Notably, his tenure as CEO of Reward Minerals showcases his capability to steer mining operations to success. However, it is his extensive background in the uranium industry, spanning over 15 years, that stands out as particularly valuable for Sibanye-Stillwater’s ambitions.

Cochran’s journey in the uranium sector began in 2006 with Uranium One’s South Australian operations. His leadership was instrumental in navigating the Honeymoon mine through its environmental approval phases and establishing a significant joint venture between Mitsui and Uranium One Australia. Perhaps most remarkably, Cochran spearheaded the due diligence for Uranium One’s historic C$3.8-billion acquisition of UrAsia in 2007, marking the largest deal in the uranium industry to date. His experience extends further to influential roles in other uranium-centric companies like Deep Yellow and Aurora Energy Metals, where his contributions have consistently added value and driven growth.

Sibanye-Stillwater’s CEO, Neal Froneman, expressed confidence in Cochran’s ability to realize the potential of the company’s uranium resources, which include an estimated 32-million pounds of uranium located at the Cooke tailings dam and an additional 27-million pounds at Beatrix 4. With the uranium market currently supported by strong fundamentals, Sibanye-Stillwater is exploring various avenues to capitalize on its existing resources. Froneman’s remarks underline the company’s optimism about Cochran’s leadership and strategic vision in steering its uranium division towards new heights of success and profitability.

This strategic appointment aligns with Sibanye-Stillwater’s broader objective to diversify and strengthen its mining portfolio. By leveraging Cochran’s extensive experience and proven track record in the uranium industry, the company is poised to explore and exploit the growing opportunities within the global uranium market. As the world increasingly turns to clean energy solutions, the demand for uranium is expected to rise, positioning Sibanye-Stillwater favorably to contribute significantly to the global energy landscape while enhancing shareholder value through its uranium projects.

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