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Copper 360’s Production Soars with Strategic Nama Acquisition

Doubling Output, Securing Future with New Concentrator Plant

by Adenike Adeodun

Copper 360, a dynamic Northern Cape-based copper mining entity, recently achieved a significant milestone by initiating the production of the first concentrate from its newly acquired plant at Nama Copper. This strategic acquisition not only marks the addition of a second concentrator plant but also effectively doubles the production capacity of this Johannesburg Stock Exchange AltX-listed company. Jan Nelson, the CEO of Copper 360, shared these exciting developments in a recent interview with Martin Creamer of Mining Weekly, emphasizing the positive trajectory this move sets for the company.

The integration of the Nama Copper plant into Copper 360’s operations has not only met but exceeded initial structural integrity and performance expectations, signaling a promising future for the company’s production capabilities. Nelson, in his conversation, highlighted the swift commencement of the plant’s operations, leading to the production of its first concentrate in just a week. This achievement underscores Copper 360’s commitment to enhancing its operational output and generating significant cash flow through its concentrate plants.

Looking ahead, Copper 360 is poised to significantly increase its copper metal production, aiming to reach close to 1,000 tons in the ensuing two to three months. This ambitious goal will be supported by the combined efforts of three operational plants: the existing copper platemaking solvent extraction and electrowinning (SX/EW) plant, the modular flotation plant one (MFP 1) set to launch in the coming months, and the recently operational MFP 2. This expansion is underpinned by meticulous due diligence and strategic financial planning, with Copper 360 successfully navigating the acquisition’s financial obligations and setting the stage for increased production.

The acquisition of Nama Copper not only brings a second concentrator plant into Copper 360’s fold but also establishes a favorable new offtake agreement with Fujax UK. This international commodity trading company has committed to purchasing all concentrate produced by MFP 2, ensuring a reliable and lucrative outlet for Copper 360’s production. The terms of this agreement are particularly beneficial, allowing Copper 360 to capitalize on the current upswing in copper prices and secure almost immediate financial returns on the concentrate, significantly bolstering the company’s financial health.

Furthermore, this deal encompasses a substantial land area and approximately 22 million tons of tailings with notable copper content, representing a significant potential increase in Copper 360’s measured and indicated resource category. This additional resource, valued between R12-billion and R24-billion, opens up new avenues for exploration and confirms Copper 360’s commitment to long-term growth and sustainability.

As Copper 360 embarks on the commissioning phase of its Rietberg mine, the company is setting a solid foundation for further expansion and increased revenue. The strategic acquisition of heavy mining equipment and significant drilling activities are underway, emphasizing Copper 360’s focus on enhancing its production capacity and operational efficiency. Moreover, the company is exploring renewable energy solutions, including the construction of a solar plant and a generator farm, to ensure uninterrupted operations and contribute to sustainable mining practices.

Copper 360’s strategic advancements and operational achievements position the company on a path of significant growth and profitability. With a dual focus on increasing production capacity and exploring sustainable energy solutions, Copper 360 is not just looking to enhance its operational efficiency but also to build a robust financial foundation capable of delivering dividends to shareholders in the near future. As Copper 360 continues to navigate through a busy year, the company’s efforts to produce a substantial quantity of copper and its strategic financial planning signal a promising outlook for its shareholders and the broader mining industry.


Source: Mining Weekly

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