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ACTOM Secures Major NECRT Order for DRC’s Kamoa Mine

Expansion Marks ACTOM's Dominance in Africa's Renewable Energy Sector

by Adenike Adeodun

ACTOM Distribution Transformers, a leader in the energy sector, has recently secured a significant contract to provide neutral electromagnetic couplers with earthing resistors and an auxiliary transformer (NECRTs) to the prestigious Kamoa copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This order represents a significant milestone for ACTOM, emphasizing its expanding influence across the African continent and its pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of power transmission from renewable energy sources to national grids.

The Kamoa mine, renowned for its production of ultra-high-grade copper, relies on hydroelectric power from the Mwadingusha Hydroelectric Plant, a facility that underwent extensive modernization in 2021. This reliance on clean energy sources underscores the mining industry’s gradual shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

In the previous year, ACTOM Distribution Transformers completed a substantial order for the Kamoa mine, valued at over R10 million. This order not only reinforced ACTOM’s commitment to delivering high-quality energy solutions but also showcased its capability to meet the demanding requirements of the mining sector. CEO Lee Mbenge highlighted the significance of this achievement, stating, “The latest order allows us to strengthen our footprint in Africa, positioning us as not only the dominant NECRT supplier in South Africa but also throughout the continent.”

The development and delivery of NECRT units are crucial for grounding collector power transformers in substations, which play a vital role in integrating power from renewable energy plants into the national grid. This integration is essential for the advancement of renewable energy infrastructure and the promotion of sustainable energy sources across Africa.

ACTOM’s journey towards refining its NECRT units has been marked by significant learning experiences, particularly in enhancing the durability and reliability of these components. The harsh conditions often encountered during transportation across the continent necessitated improvements in both the internal design and mechanical integrity of the NECRT units. These enhancements have led to a product that not only meets but exceeds the performance standards of international competitors, many of which have faced challenges with unit failures.

Mbenge proudly notes the increasing cross-border demand for ACTOM’s NECRT units, with the company now extending its market reach to countries such as Namibia, Lesotho, and Zambia. This expanding demand is a testament to the quality and reliability of ACTOM’s products and its growing reputation as a trusted supplier in the energy sector.

The recent order from the Kamoa mine serves as a significant endorsement of ACTOM’s expertise in the design and manufacture of NECRTs and transformers. It also positions the company to play a more dominant role in the renewable energy market, an area where ACTOM is keen to expand its presence and influence. As the global community continues to prioritize clean and sustainable energy solutions, ACTOM Distribution Transformers is well-placed to contribute significantly to this vital transition, ensuring the delivery of safe, efficient, and reliable energy across Africa and beyond.

This contract not only signifies a step forward in ACTOM’s strategic expansion across Africa but also highlights the critical role of innovative energy solutions in supporting the mining industry’s shift towards more sustainable operations. As ACTOM continues to deliver superior NECRT units and other energy components, it reinforces its commitment to advancing renewable energy infrastructure and promoting environmental sustainability in the energy sector. With its proven track record and forward-thinking approach, ACTOM Distribution Transformers is poised to make a lasting impact on the renewable energy landscape, driving progress and innovation in one of the world’s most dynamic and challenging industries.


Source: Mining Weekly

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