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Urgent Call for Smaller Mining Firms to Adopt Tailings Safety Standards

Following Brumadinho Disaster, Industry Leaders Push for Wider Compliance

by Adenike Adeodun

The mining industry, still grappling with the repercussions of the Brumadinho tailings disaster in Brazil, is now focusing its attention on smaller mining firms, urging them to adopt crucial tailings safety standards. This push comes as the sector commemorates the fifth anniversary of the tragedy that took 272 lives and prompted a global drive for safer tailings management.

According to a report by Mining Weekly, the Africa Solar Industry Association’s (AFSIA) Annual Solar Outlook 2024 report highlights the exponential rise of green hydrogen projects across the continent, with Mauritania standing out as a major player. The country, boasting an impressive 57 GW of planned projects, is leading Africa’s green hydrogen development, representing almost 60% of the continent’s initiatives in this domain.

This burgeoning interest in green hydrogen in Africa reflects the region’s potential for producing some of the cheapest green hydrogen globally, thanks to excellent solar irradiation and access to international maritime routes. Mauritania’s unique combination of exceptional solar irradiation, proximity to Europe, and natural hydrogen resources makes it an ideal candidate for this green energy transition.

The emphasis on green hydrogen is part of a broader trend in the renewable energy sector, with solar power experiencing significant growth across Africa in 2023. Countries like Namibia, Egypt, Morocco, and Mauritania, known for their high solar irradiation, are at the forefront of ambitious green hydrogen plans, aligning with the global race to produce cost-effective green hydrogen.

As the continent moves towards a more sustainable energy future, the importance of harnessing renewable resources like solar power becomes increasingly evident. The potential of green hydrogen, in particular, to revolutionize energy production and contribute to economic growth and environmental sustainability in Africa is immense.

The AFSIA report underscores the vital role that renewable energy, especially solar power, plays in driving Africa’s green hydrogen ambitions. With countries like Mauritania leading the way, the continent is poised to make significant strides in green energy production, offering promising prospects for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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