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Mining Indaba 2024 to Address Africa’s Exploration Challenges and Opportunities

Unlocking Africa's Mineral Potential at Cape Town's Premier Mining Event

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Mining Indaba 2024, set to take place from February 5th to 8th in Cape Town, is poised to be a groundbreaking event focusing on revitalizing Africa’s exploration pipelines. This year’s conference will feature a novel and highly anticipated ‘Disruptive Discussion’ panel, highlighting the theme “Africa exploration pipelines – why so empty?”. This session marks a first in Mining Indaba’s history and aims to tackle the critical issues hindering exploration spend on the African continent, such as political instability, safety concerns, and the lack of transparent data.

The panel will delve into the radical changes necessary for Africa to meet the burgeoning global demand for critical minerals essential for the planet’s green transformation. Despite possessing 30% of the world’s mineral reserves, Africa accounted for less than 10% of global mining exploration spend as of 2022. This discrepancy is significant considering the continent’s vast unexplored mineral wealth, which positions it as a pivotal player in the race to secure supplies needed for decarbonization and to meet the international demand for critical minerals.

S&P Global World Exploration Trends 2023 reports that exploration allocations in Africa increased by 11.6% in the past year, still lagging behind the global average. The session at Mining Indaba 2024 will offer insights into African countries that are breaking away from the limited exploration trend, examining the factors contributing to their success.

Eve Harper, Portfolio Director of Investing in African Mining Indaba, emphasized the urgency of securing critical minerals to achieve a low carbon economy. “The race is on to secure critical minerals which contribute towards the overarching need to deliver a low carbon economy. Disruptive conversations on how to open the gates to exploration in Africa are a key feature for Mining Indaba 2024,” Harper stated.

The high-level speaker list for this session includes prominent figures such as Orion Minerals CEO and Minerals Council Board member Errol Smart, Kobold Minerals Co-Founder and President Josh Goldman, Ivanhoe Mines President Marna Cloete, and De Beers Group CEO Al Cook. BHP Xplore Vice President Sonia Scarselli will moderate the panel.

This exploration panel builds upon the success of the Explorer’s Showcase, first introduced at Mining Indaba 2023. The initiative is designed to spotlight exploration and stimulate investment in African mining at its early stages. The 2024 Indaba will see the return of the Explorer’s Showcase, aiming to further illuminate exploration and the development of mining companies with assets across Africa.

Explorers will have the opportunity to connect with an elite network of dealmakers, facilitating finance raising or finding the right partners to advance their projects. Supported by BHP Xplore, the showcase will feature private and/or unlisted and listed mineral exploration companies with a market capitalization of no more than $25 million, positioned at the heart of the exhibition floor.

Investing in African Mining Indaba is the largest mining investment event in Africa, renowned for bringing together key industry players ranging from ministers, government representatives, mining companies, investors, to mining equipment and service providers. The event is a pivotal platform that propels the mining industry forward, providing unmatched access to the entire value chain and the most influential figures in African and global mining. It offers four days of high-quality content, deal-making, and networking opportunities, making it an essential event for anyone involved in the African and global mining industry.

In conclusion, Mining Indaba 2024 represents a crucial gathering for the mining sector, especially in addressing the exploration challenges and opportunities in Africa. It is set to catalyze conversations and actions towards unlocking Africa’s mineral potential, fostering sustainable development, and contributing to the global efforts in achieving a low carbon economy. The event underscores the importance of collaboration, innovative strategies, and the need for increased exploration investments to harness the continent’s rich mineral resources for the benefit of Africa and the world at large.

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