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Marula Mining Sets Course for Expansion with $6.38M Tanzanian Exploration

Investment Surge in Copper and Graphite Projects to Propel Tanzania’s Mining Sector

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Marula Mining, listed on the AQSE, has approved a significant $6.38 million exploration budget for its 2024 projects in Tanzania, marking a notable advancement in the development of its copper and graphite ventures. These projects include the Kinusi copper mine and the Bagamoyo, Nyorinyori, and NyoriGreen graphite projects, all strategically located in Tanzania.

The exploration budget is set to be financed through a combination of $2.5 million from the company’s existing funding agreement with South African commodity, logistics, and mining investment group Q Global Commodities, and the remaining amount from the anticipated free cash flow. This cash flow is expected from the sales of lithium products from the Blesberg lithium and tantalum mine in South Africa and the Kinusi copper mine.

The decision to approve the budget and the corresponding schedules for exploration and development activities at each project followed comprehensive executive management meetings held in Nairobi in late 2023. These meetings included key stakeholders and independent geological consultants from Geofields Tanzania, ensuring a collaborative and well-informed approach to the company’s strategic planning.

The exploration programs are set to commence in the current quarter across all four of Marula’s projects in Tanzania. Geofields, along with other approved technical consultants, will implement these programs. The management of these explorations will be overseen by Collins Aseto, the recently appointed head of Marula East Africa Exploration, who will report directly to Marula’s chairperson Richard Lloyd and CEO Jason Brewer.

The allocation of the $6.38-million budget is strategically distributed among the projects. The Nyorinyori and NyoriGreen graphite projects will receive the largest portion, 38% ($2.44 million), for their Phase II exploration activities and additional development work. Kinusi copper mine is allocated 32% ($2.04 million) of the budget for its Phase 2 exploration program and further developments. The remaining 30% ($1.9 million) is designated for the Bagamoyo graphite project, covering its Phase 2 exploration program, license optimization, and additional exploration and development activities.

CEO Jason Brewer highlighted the significance of this budget approval, emphasizing the company’s commitment to accelerating progress and development in 2024. This strategy aims to deliver value to shareholders through comprehensive exploration activities. These activities include trenching work, sampling, geological and geophysics surveys, resource definition drilling, supported by additional mine planning, metallurgical test work, processing optimization studies, and financial analysis.

Furthermore, Brewer expressed satisfaction with the allocation of a portion of the budget towards fulfilling Marula Mining’s social commitments to communities near its projects. The company plans to invest in improving local infrastructure, such as roads and accommodations at a local community girls’ school, and to support various community-based initiatives. This demonstrates Marula Mining’s broader commitment not only to mineral exploration and development but also to contributing positively to the development of communities surrounding its operations.

The exploration budget approval represents a significant step for Marula Mining in realizing its strategic objectives in Tanzania. The planned exploration and development activities are expected to bolster the company’s position in the African mining sector, particularly in the extraction and processing of battery metals. This aligns with the growing global demand for these critical resources, vital for the burgeoning electric vehicle and renewable energy industries.

The focus on community development alongside its mining activities reflects Marula Mining’s understanding of its corporate social responsibility. By investing in local communities, the company is setting a precedent for sustainable and socially responsible mining practices. This approach is likely to enhance its reputation and strengthen relationships with local stakeholders, crucial for the long-term success of its operations.

In summary, Marula Mining’s approval of a $6.38 million exploration budget for its projects in Tanzania marks a critical phase in the company’s growth and development strategy. The comprehensive exploration programs, coupled with a strong commitment to community development, position the company to capitalize on the opportunities in the African mining sector while fostering sustainable and beneficial relationships with local communities. The progress of these projects will be keenly observed by industry stakeholders and investors, as they hold significant potential for both economic growth and social impact.

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