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Sandvik’s Screening Solutions: A Game-Changer for Africa

How the company's local presence and technical expertise are transforming the continent's mining industry

by Victor Adetimilehin

Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions, a leading global provider of screening equipment and media, is expanding its footprint and capabilities in Africa. The company’s strategy is to be close to customers and understand their needs, while offering innovative solutions for the full lifecycle of screening equipment.


Local Manufacture and Supply

One of the key elements of Sandvik’s strategy is to strengthen its local manufacturing and supply chain for screening equipment and media. The company’s facility in South Africa is the first one globally within Sandvik to be capable of producing all the company’s screen product lines. It has also begun producing original Sandvik screens and feeders for local customers.


“We are also able to hold higher volumes of spares and components in-country, for instance, reducing lead times for customers,” says Tarynn Yatras, Vice President of Sales Area Africa for Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions. “Customers of all our screen ranges and brands have started to see the benefit of our enhanced in-country support.”


Digital and Remote Support

Another aspect of Sandvik’s strategy is to leverage digital and remote support tools to enhance customer service and satisfaction. SAM by Sandvik is a digital platform through which customers can receive remote support and other digital services. The platform allows customers to access technical information, order parts, request service, and monitor their equipment performance.


“SAM by Sandvik is expected to play a more important role as a digital platform through which customers can receive remote support and other digital services,” says Mats Dahlberg, Sandvik’s Vice President for Screening Solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Customized Solutions

Sandvik also prides itself on offering customized solutions that suit the specific needs and infrastructure of each customer. The company has a strong local presence and technical competencies, along with a regional supply chain for better responsiveness.


“This requires a strong local presence and technical competencies, along with a regional supply chain for better responsiveness,” says Dahlberg. “This can be achieved alongside the global commonality of screen components, which ensures customers of a safe, reliable and tested product.”


Sandvik’s screening offering now includes a wide range of capacities and applications, which the company can support through its strong presence in Africa. The company’s solutions are designed to help customers achieve higher productivity, lower operating costs, and improved safety and environmental performance.


Sandvik’s screening solutions are not only transforming the mining industry in Africa, but also contributing to the continent’s sustainable development. By offering local manufacture, digital support, and customized solutions, Sandvik is helping customers optimize their operations and reduce their environmental impact.


Sandvik is confident that its screening solutions will continue to be a game-changer for Africa, as the company strives to deliver value and excellence to its customers.


“We are very optimistic about the future of Africa and the opportunities it offers for our screening solutions,” says Dahlberg. “We are committed to being a long-term partner for our customers and supporting them in their journey towards success.”


Source: Reuters 


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