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South African Mines Redefine Community Engagement

Revamped Social and Labour Plans Aim for Broader, More Inclusive Community Benefits

by Adenike Adeodun

South African mining companies are revolutionising their Social and Labour Plans (SLPs) to enhance community benefits and engagement. Recognising the need for improvement, especially in community participation, these SLPs are crucial for positive mining impacts in South Africa.

Enhancing Community Consultation in SLPs

According to a report by Mining Review, Darryll Kilian, a partner at SRK Consulting, stresses the importance of incorporating wider community input into SLPs. “It’s vital to involve communities more actively in both creating and executing these plans, unlocking new opportunities, and bolstering support for projects,” Kilian said.

Research indicates a substantial gap in public involvement in current SLPs, often leading to mining communities feeling sidelined. Kilian advocates for engaging a broader spectrum of community members rather than limiting discussions to local influencers.

Aligning with Local Development Goals

SLPs are designed to align with local municipalities’ development objectives. However, Kilian warns against substituting direct community engagement with municipal consultations. “Communities, particularly the underprivileged, need a direct say in the SLPs tailored for them,” he adds.

Faced with declining basic services in many municipalities, Kilian encourages collaboration over isolated approaches, suggesting partnerships with global development agencies and donors.

Collaboration: Overcoming Challenges

Acknowledging the challenges of reduced municipal service delivery, Kilian proposes a shift from isolated mine-centric approaches to regional collaborations. “We need to think beyond immediate mining communities and consider partnerships across larger mining regions,” Kilian explains.

This strategy could involve collaboration with international development finance institutions, pooling resources for significant infrastructural investments in broader areas.

The Potential of Strategic Partnerships

Mines could still direct funds to local communities while also partnering with regional and international agencies in their SLPs. Kilian suggests mines contribute to larger projects, such as wastewater treatment upgrades, through their SLPs.

He also highlights the role of scalability and partnerships in tackling unemployment, poverty, and service deficits. For instance, water stewardship initiatives could benefit from mines in the same catchment area working together on substantial water projects.

Embracing a Collaborative Future

The South African mining industry is pivoting towards a more collaborative and inclusive approach in its SLPs. By engaging more deeply with communities and exploring larger-scale projects, the industry aims for a more sustainable and impactful contribution.

As Kilian of SRK Consulting outlines, this new direction could profoundly change the dynamics of mining companies’ interactions with local communities, aiming for mutually beneficial outcomes.

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