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AECI Revamps Leadership Structure to Boost Mining, Chemicals Business

New Executive Team to Propel AECI's Growth and Double Profitability by 2026

by Adenike Adeodun

In a decisive move, the diversified group AECI reorganized its executive leadership team on December 20. This restructure supports the company’s ambitious goals to double the profitability of its core mining and chemicals business by 2026 and become a top three global provider in integrated mining explosives and chemicals solutions by 2030.

Holger Riemensperger, Group Chief Executive (CE) of AECI, said, “As our 100th anniversary approaches in 2024 with a new strategy, structuring our executive leadership for success is crucial.” He highlighted the team’s diversity and experience, noting that many members, including himself, Group CFO and Executive Director Rochelle Gabriels, and Group Chief People Officer Khabonina Ramoupi, have contributed to AECI for many years.

This leadership team was instrumental in developing the strategy AECI revealed earlier this year. To align with the company’s new direction, AECI introduced four critical positions. Rafael Fernandes, the former acting Group CFO and Finance Executive for AECI Mining steps into the role of Chief Transformation Officer to lead the strategy’s rollout across all business units.

Denvor Govender becomes the Group Chief Operating Officer (COO), bringing more than 26 years of experience, including nine with AECI. He will concentrate on enhancing operational and manufacturing processes throughout the group.

According to a report by Mining Weekly, Dean Murray, the Executive Vice President of AECI Chemicals, with over 18 years at AECI, will spearhead the cash-generative efforts of AgriChem, aiming to make it a key player in the group’s revenue.

AECI continues its search for a suitable candidate to fill the role of AECI Mining Executive Vice President, a critical growth area for the group. Cheryl Singh, Group Company Secretary and General Counsel, remains in her role, committed to ensuring ethical compliance and navigating the complexities of operating in diverse markets.

Riemensperger expressed his enthusiasm about the new structure: “As I move to South Africa with my family, I am thrilled about the possibilities for the group. I eagerly anticipate working with this team of experienced executives to extend our legacy and keep contributing positively to the communities and societies where we operate.”

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