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Nigerian Lawmakers Challenge British Agencies

by Oluwatosin Alabi

The House of Representatives in Nigeria is poised to launch an investigation into the British government and its agencies for allegedly ignoring Nigerian court rulings. This action responds to a petition from the African Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR), which the House embraced on Tuesday.

The ACJHR has accused British entities, including the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), of continually disrespecting the Nigerian judiciary. These accusations pivot around the treatment of verdicts exonerating Benedict Peters, a prominent businessman.

Rt. Hon. Aliyu Mustapha, representing Kubau/Ikara Federal Constituency, brought the ACJHR’s concerns to the floor. He called for immediate action to protect the integrity of Nigerian businessman Benedict Peters and to prevent further abuse of Nigeria’s judicial system.

Nigerian courts have cleared Peters in over ten rulings, an assertion the British officials, led by Sara Melo, have allegedly dismissed. The Nigerian parliament intends to halt these international infringements and maintain the respect due to its legal findings.

Previous investigations by the EFCC ended without finding any misconduct by Peters. Despite these outcomes and the punitive damages awarded by the FCT High Court against the EFCC, NCA, and CPS, British authorities have seemingly persisted in their defamatory efforts.

The House’s impending investigation signifies a robust defense of national judicial decisions and the sovereignty of Nigeria’s legal system against foreign intrusion.

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