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Weir Minerals Marks Century of Mining Innovation with Linatex® Rubber

by Oluwatosin Alabi

Celebrating a century of service, Weir Minerals significantly enhances mining operations worldwide with its unique Linatex® rubber products. These are crucial in protecting equipment from wear and tear. Boitumelo Zimba, Weir Minerals Africa’s Rubber Product Manager, underscores Linatex’s integral role in their clients’ enduring success. She attributes this to the proprietary Liquid Phase Compounding (LPC) process.

“Unlike common methods that alter natural rubber’s molecular structure, our gentle LPC process preserves the innate strengths of premium natural latex, our core component,” Zimba explains. This innovation renders Linatex® Premium Rubber highly resilient and resistant to cutting, tearing, and superior in wet abrasion conditions.

Zimba highlights the company’s exclusivity in producing 95% natural latex rubber. It’s utilized in diverse applications from chute impact liners to abrasion-resistant pump linings. Moreover, continuous research and development have expanded these applications over the years.

Weir Minerals demonstrates Linatex®’s effectiveness through real-world success stories. One central African mining client notably extended their tailings pipeline’s lifespan, saving over US$110,000 annually by substituting ceramic liners with Linatex®. Elsewhere, a nitrile-based compound in flotation tanks, replacing ceramic tiles, increased service intervals from two to 36 months, saving nearly US$570,000 per year.

In Kazakhstan, KAZ Minerals faced frequent wear and costly downtime with hydrocyclones at their Bozshakol copper mine. Weir’s solution? Linatex® modular panels. These innovative panels enhanced wear life by 584%, saving approximately 450 maintenance labor hours. Consequently, their success spurred additional orders from other KAZ Minerals locations.

Further illustrating Linatex®’s industry impact, PT Freeport Indonesia extended their SAG mill discharge box liners’ life at their Grasberg district mine. Weir’s tailored Linatex® rubber solution and re-engineered shape ensured uninterrupted operation between scheduled shutdowns.

Quality remains paramount at Weir Minerals’ Kuala Lumpur production hub. The team maintains rigorous latex testing before and during manufacturing. This dedication extends to a sustainable supply chain and continuous product quality verification, backed by optional test certificates for customers.

“Continually exploring innovative applications for Linatex® Premium Rubber, we’re committed to introducing revolutionary solutions, solidifying our market-leading position,” concludes Zimba.

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