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Syrah Resources Disputes Claims of Ore Stockpiling at Balama Facility

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

Syrah Resources, a prominent player in the graphite mining industry, has taken a resolute stance against allegations of amassing stockpiles of ore at its Balama facility in Mozambique rather than promptly bringing it to market. In a formal statement issued on Monday, the company conveyed its strong rebuttal of these claims, emphasizing its commitment to transparency and responsible business practices.

During the third quarter of the year, Syrah Resources undertook a strategic production campaign at the Balama site, achieving not only successful graphite production but also ensuring the timely sale and shipment of these vital resources. This proactive approach highlights the company’s dedication to meeting the rising demand for natural graphite, driven primarily by the sustained strength in global electric vehicle sales.

The surge in electric vehicle sales has led to an increased need for anode production in China, subsequently heightening the demand for natural graphite. Syrah Resources has seized this opportunity to contribute to the global supply chain, assuring a consistent flow of high-quality graphite to meet these burgeoning requirements.

Explaining their temporary production pauses in May and June at the Balama operation, Syrah Resources cited the volatile nature of the Chinese anode market as a driving factor. In response to market fluctuations and an oversupply of finished product inventory, the company prudently decided to curtail production. This strategic maneuver was implemented to align production levels with the actual demand for natural graphite from the Balama site.

In a bid to maintain open communication and transparency with its stakeholders and the broader market, Syrah Resources revealed its forthcoming plans. The company has pledged to provide a comprehensive update on its natural graphite sales and shipments for the September quarter later this month. This commitment to regularly inform the market underscores Syrah Resources’ dedication to keeping stakeholders well-informed about its operational progress and its proactive adaptation to evolving market dynamics, ensuring both its sustainability and value to shareholders and partners alike.

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