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South Sudan to Spotlight Mining Potential at Critical Minerals Africa 2023 Summit in Cape Town

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

South Sudan’s Mining Minister, the Honorable Martin Abucha, will address attendees at the forthcoming Critical Minerals Africa (CMA) 2023 conference in Cape Town, detailing South Sudan’s strategy to harness its abundant critical and industrial minerals to drive the nation’s mining industry expansion.

Historically underexplored, the rich mineral resources of South Sudan are gaining prominence among global investors. Just this past February, the nation renewed joint agreements with its neighboring country, Sudan, a recognized gold producer, to deepen ties in the mining industry.

In June, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy of South Africa announced its intent to pen a Memorandum of Understanding with South Sudan. This initiative is geared towards fostering technology exchange and collaboration in areas like mining project development and mineral value addition.

South Africa’s government-run African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation is keen on forging alliances with enterprises in South Sudan, eyeing potential collaborations in mineral valuation, institutional capacity enhancement, and crafting a tailored regulatory framework for mining.

Research indicates the East African nation could be sitting on a gold mine, literally and figuratively. Preliminary surveys suggest roughly eight million tons of copper, in addition to significant reserves of gold, diamonds, cobalt, nickel, lithium, and rare earth metals. Comprehensive geological mapping is ongoing to ascertain the exact reserve volumes, paving the way for future mining rights allocations.

CMA 2023, set for October 17-19, offers a platform for global mineral giants to explore trade, development, and financial opportunities in South Sudan’s budding mining industry. The conference, strategically aligned with African Energy Week 2023 slated for October 16-20, provides delegates a panoramic view of both the energy and mining landscapes, spotlighting Cape Town as the nexus for industry leaders.

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