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WEC Projects constructs water plants for Côte D’Ivoire mine.

by Adenike Adeodun

WEC Projects, a leading EPC contractor in South Africa, has successfully designed and engineered three water treatment plants for Endeavour’s Lafigué Gold Mine, located about 120 km from Bouake, Côte d’Ivoire.

The company developed one filtration unit for various applications at the mine, including process water, dust control, and fire suppression. Additionally, they crafted two potable water treatment units for mine personnel and their accommodations. These facilities draw water from multiple boreholes on the mine site.

The primary water treatment plant boasts a processing capacity of 130 m3/hr. It consists of two repurposed shipping containers: a 6m container for electrical controls and a 12m container housing four filter units, the primary pump system, and a blower unit.

This setup uses chemical coagulation in a tailor-made flocculation tank and a custom clarifier tank with lamella media. After this, water moves to a break tank before undergoing filtration. Special silica and activated carbon media assist in removing solids and organic compounds.

For drinking water needs, WEC designed two plants, having capacities of 10 m3/h and 5 m3/h. Situated in 12m shipping containers, they feature advanced filtration processes. This system filters raw water through activated carbon, which enhances the water’s taste and removes organic substances.

The water undergoes softening, remineralization, and disinfection through chlorine hypochlorite and ultraviolet radiation before being distributed to the mine and its camp.

Each plant integrates advanced motor control systems, human-machine interfaces, and programmable logic controllers, ensuring significant automation. The design minimizes manual intervention, limiting tasks to control room monitoring and occasional chemical treatment additions.

According to a report by African Mining Market, Ashly Forster, WEC Projects’ project manager, remarked on the project’s demanding timeline. “Securing the project in November 2022 and completing it by April 2023 presented a considerable challenge. We had to optimize our fabrication and assembly processes extensively,” he stated.

Forster also highlighted the logistical challenges of procuring components timely, particularly with the global chip shortage affecting electrical and instrumentation components.

Forster added, “Our containerized units simplify and expedite transportation and onsite assembly. After installation, WEC teams will oversee the commissioning. Furthermore, we’ll conduct quarterly plant audits to ensure optimal performance and make necessary adjustments.”


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