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Maximising Value from Namibia’s Mineral Assets

by Adenike Adeodun

Namibia is stepping up as a key player in the global green energy transition. Known for its uranium oxide and diamond production, the country is diversifying. It’s now focusing on critical minerals like lithium and cobalt.

Lepidico, a global exploration firm, is developing a lithium mine in western Namibia. The company is in talks with U.S. businesses. The goal is to maximize Namibia’s lithium market and explore by-products like cesium and rubidium.

In northern Namibia, Celsius Resources has started drilling at the Opuwo Cobalt Mining Project. They completed the first of eight diamond drilling holes in March 2022. Andrada Mining is also making strides. The company produced its first bulk lithium concentrate at the Nai-Nais mine last May.

Namibia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy made a significant announcement in March. They revealed a large deposit of rare earth metals at Kalkfield. The deposit has an estimated ore body of 579 million tons. It could be a game-changer for mining investments in the country.

In October, Namibia and the European Union reached a tentative agreement. Namibia will sell its rare earth minerals to the EU. The deal strengthens Namibia’s position as a key mining hub in Africa. It also provides Europe an alternative to China for essential minerals.

Energy Capital & Power reported that Namibia is also taking steps to retain local value in its mining sector. In June, the government announced a ban on the export of unprocessed lithium and other minerals. The move aims to keep the benefits of these resources within the country. It aligns with Namibia’s vision to be a major supplier for the global clean energy market.

In summary, Namibia is leveraging its mineral reserves to shift to green energy globally. It’s making strategic moves in policy and international deals. These steps could benefit both its domestic economy and the global demand for renewable energy.


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