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Mintek Unveils Cutting-Edge AMAZEMET rePowder Machine

by Adenike Adeodun

In a significant move, South Africa’s top mineral research body, Mintek, showcased its state-of-the-art AMAZEMET rePowder ultrasonic atomisation and alloy development machine. This advanced equipment, a first for South Africa, caught the attention of an elite delegation of global industry stakeholders.

Anglo American Platinum led the delegation, flanked by high-profile representatives from Platinum Guild International (PGI) in India and China. As reported by Mining Review Africa, Fahmida Smith of Anglo American Platinum directed the PGI team, a body dedicated to enhancing the worldwide platinum jewellery market.

Internationally, the event saw the presence of Josh Helmich, esteemed CEO of the U.S.-based Helmich Luxury Group. Helmich’s innovative endeavours with patented platinum alloys and modern jewellery-making techniques accentuated the machine’s global appeal.

Notably, the University of Pretoria, delving into 3D-printed jewellery innovations, also participated.

The AMAZEMET rePowder machine stands out for its versatile material-handling capacity, managing alloys with varying melting points. It produces top-notch metal powder with superior flowability and uniform particle size, a standard previously met through imports.

Furthermore, its adeptness in processing select quantities introduces opportunities to engage with luxury metals, signifying a game-changing moment for the sector.

Dr Molefi Motuku, Mintek’s CEO, shared his optimism, stating, “This acquisition reflects Mintek’s commitment to setting critical industrial infrastructure. By catering to the urgent need for high-quality metal powder, we’re invigorating innovation in mineral processing.”

Joseph Moema, Mintek’s Head of Physical Metallurgy, shed light on the machine’s broad spectrum of applications. “It spans aerospace, jewellery, glass, and the biomedical sectors. For instance, consider the biomedical realm with its implants, dental works, and advanced drug delivery systems. Our technology is pivotal in ensuring precision and quality.”

Concluding, Motuku envisioned an exciting phase for Mintek, highlighting the company’s unyielding quest for breakthrough solutions to strengthen South Africa’s mineral-centric industries.

With industry leaders closely monitoring Mintek’s progress, it’s clear South Africa’s mineral-based sector is entering a new, transformative phase.

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