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Rio Tinto Expands Investment in Sovereign Metals with $12.4 Million

Strategic Stake Increase in Sovereign Metals to Boost Mineral Supplies

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

The second-biggest mining firm in the world, Rio Tinto, has announced a $12.4 million (A$18.5 million) investment to strengthen its position in the market for vital minerals needed for innovative technology. With this further investment, its ownership in Sovereign Metals, an Australian business with listings on the ASX and LON with the tickers SVM and SVML, respectively, will rise. Known for its large mineral reserves, Sovereign Metals is currently developing the Kasiya rutile-graphite project in Malawi.

This strategic decision will raise Rio Tinto’s shareholding in Sovereign Metals to 19.76%, marking a continuation of its efforts to increase involvement in the battery minerals sector. The move is seen as a response to the growing demand for materials critical to the manufacture of batteries, as well as other technologies such as solar panels and electronic devices.

The Kasiya project, central to this investment, is recognized as the world’s largest rutile deposit and the second largest flake graphite deposit. The ore body of the project contains an estimated 1.8 billion tonnes, which includes 1% rutile and 1.4% graphite. This translates into 17.9 million tonnes of contained natural rutile and 24.4 million tonnes of contained graphite, highlighting the project’s substantial potential to impact global mineral markets.

Rio Tinto made a prior financial commitment a year ago when it paid A$40.4 million ($27 million) to purchase an initial 15% stake in Sovereign. This new investment follows that promise. Rio Tinto’s dedication to establishing a strong supply chain for low-carbon minerals is demonstrated by this continuous financial assistance, which is crucial as the globe moves toward more sustainable energy sources.

Frank Eagar, Managing Director of Sovereign Metals, has expressed that the company has seen significant advancements in the Kasiya project over the last year, largely attributable to Rio Tinto’s involvement. Noteworthy milestones include the successful initiation of a pilot phase in May, which has demonstrated promising results in the project’s development.

In addition to financial investment, Rio Tinto offers substantial technical and marketing support to Sovereign Metals. The two companies have established a joint committee to oversee the development and marketing strategies for the Kasiya project, ensuring that both partners effectively leverage their resources and expertise.

Rio Tinto is not new to the rutile and titanium dioxide market. The company already has established operations extracting these minerals in locations such as Madagascar, South Africa, and Canada. Titanium dioxide, derived from rutile, is used in a variety of applications including solar panels, paints, and aircraft, due to its high resistance to temperature extremes.

This strategic enhancement of Rio Tinto’s investment in Sovereign Metals represents a step forward in the mining giant’s plans to diversify its mineral portfolio and strengthen its position in the global market for essential minerals used in advanced technologies and sustainable solutions.

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