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B2Gold Secures Stake in Yukon-Focused Prospector Metals

Strategic Equity Acquisition Aims to Boost Gold Exploration in Yukon

by Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe

B2Gold Corp., a key player on the TSX and NYSE American exchanges, has bought a sizeable stock interest in Prospector Metals in a calculated attempt to increase its presence in the mining industry. The dynamics of resource development in the area, especially in the gold industry, have changed significantly as a result of this investment.

B2Gold’s acquisition amounted to a 9.99% stake in Prospector Metals, achieved through the purchase of approximately 5.6 million shares. This transaction, totaling just over C$900,000, reflects a per-share price of C$0.163—16.4% higher than Prospector Metals’ closing market price of C$0.14 last Friday. Following the transaction, the market capitalization of Prospector Metals escalated to C$7.1 million, underscoring a renewed investor interest in the junior miner.

Concurrently, Troilus Gold, another TSX-listed company, retains the right to acquire an additional 4.77 million shares at the same price, a move that would enable it to maintain a 19.9% ownership stake. This right extends over the next 10 business days, adding another layer of potential financial maneuvering in the near term.

The funds from B2Gold’s investment are earmarked for the exploration and development of Prospector’s ML project, located strategically within the Tintina gold belt in Yukon. This project spans an impressive 47.6 square kilometers and is situated about 80 kilometers from Dawson City and 25 kilometers northeast of the former Brewery Creek gold mine. This region is renowned for its substantial gold mining potential.

Rob Carpenter, CEO of Prospector Metals, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to have B2Gold as a keystone shareholder in Prospector Metals. Our team is looking forward to their technical input on our flagship ML project in Yukon.” Carpenter’s statement highlights the expected benefits of the investment, not only in financial terms but also through the technical expertise that B2Gold brings to the table.

This collaboration is set to enhance Prospector Metals’ ability to advance the ML project more efficiently, leveraging B2Gold’s experience and resources. Carpenter further emphasized, “This investment and technical partnership represent an endorsement of our exploration philosophy and targeting methods,” signaling confidence in the potential yield of their exploratory strategies.

The ML property is notably significant as it hosts one of the few remaining Tombstone-style intrusions in Yukon that has not undergone systematic exploration. Remarkably, no significant exploration work has been conducted on the site since 2008. This underexplored area has not been assessed with modern intrusion-related gold exploration (IRGS) models, despite exhibiting a diagnostic geochemical signature that suggests considerable untapped potential.

Historical exploration at the ML site primarily targeted visible gold-copper-tungsten skarn mineralization close to syenite intrusions, but exploration within the intrusions themselves was minimal. Prospector Metals believes that over two dozen known high-grade gold surface occurrences at the site remain untested, highlighting the vast potential for new discoveries.

Prospector Metals has already invested in acquiring extensive historical geological data for the ML project. This includes records from 6,700 meters of drilling across 117 holes, with standout results featuring 3.53 grams per ton of gold and 0.29% copper over a stretch of 56.39 meters. This substantial archive of data will provide a robust foundation for the renewed exploration efforts. With B2Gold’s backing, Prospector Metals is poised to intensify its exploration activities, potentially unlocking significant value from the ML project and contributing to the broader economic development of Yukon’s mining sector.

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