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Anglo American Fully Adopts Renewables in South America

Anglo American Shifts to Full Renewables in South America, Mirrors Efforts in South Africa

by Adenike Adeodun

Mining titan Anglo American has successfully slashed its carbon emissions by 21% across its South American operations, thanks to its comprehensive switch to renewable electricity. This achievement, a cornerstone of its broader sustainability commitments, was highlighted during the company’s recent performance update.

Following South America’s success, Anglo-American eyes its Australian operations for a similar renewable transformation by 2025. In Southern Africa, the company is escalating efforts through its partnership with EDF Renewables in Envusa Energy. The joint venture seeks to establish a renewable powerhouse of 3 to 5 GW, harnessing wind and solar capacities.

Further illustrating its commitment, Envusa Energy has recently submitted a proposal seeking authorization to supply electricity across key provinces in South Africa, intending to serve multiple off-takers and generators situated in these regions.

According to a report by Mining Weekly, Anglo American’s CEO, Duncan Wanblad, emphasized the company’s integrated sustainability drive as crucial for long-term growth. “We are bridging the gap between society’s demand for raw materials and their sourcing, ensuring sustainability is central in all our operations and investments,” Wanblad stated.

The company’s sustainable approach is not just a responsibility but also a strategic asset, according to Helena Nonka, director of strategy and sustainability. “Our comprehensive sustainability agenda is essential in meeting increasing societal expectations and reinforcing trust, as we provide the critical materials needed for global decarbonization and modern living standards,” she elaborated.

Tom McCulley, CEO of Anglo Crop Nutrients, also highlighted the importance of incorporating advanced technologies into new projects like Woodsmith, following the successful model established at Quellaveco in Peru. “Our focus extends beyond operational efficiency to meet societal needs effectively and responsibly,” McCulley said, underscoring the company’s forward-thinking mining practices.

Alison Atkinson, director of Projects and Development, reaffirmed that sustainability is at the forefront of Anglo’s growth trajectory. She cited the innovative Quellaveco operation as a benchmark. “We’re leveraging technology across new projects, from the UK to Finland, to reduce our environmental impact and meet the diverse expectations of all stakeholders,” Atkinson concluded.

The concerted sustainability efforts of Anglo-American underscore its commitment to environmental stewardship while setting new standards for the mining industry’s future.

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