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Copper 360’s Mining School Gains Global Recognition

by Adenike Adeodun

Copper 360’s pioneering mining school in the Northern Cape has become a magnet for international mining institutions and global organizations eager to forge partnerships.

Quinton Adams, Copper 360’s Executive Director for Human Capital Development, shared in a recent interview with Mining Weekly, “We’ve been inundated with collaboration requests.”

JSE AltX-listed Copper 360, steered by CEO Jan Nelson and Chairperson Shirley Hayes, aims not just to address its in-house mining and processing skill demands but also to support the broader Namaqualand region, home to nearly six mines.

Notably, partnership discussions are underway with Sol Plaatje University in Kimberley. Moreover, collaborations with the UK’s Camborne School of Mining and a mining institution in Poland are on the horizon. Furthermore, African nations have shown keen interest in the school, eyeing it as a potential hub for mining-related skill development.

The teaching approach at Copper 360’s mining school stands out. Facilitators employ the Vygotsky theories of the zone of proximal development to guide students effectively. Adams praised the teaching staff, emphasizing the impactful personal anecdotes they share to inspire the learners.

As reported by Mining Weekly, students experience a unique blend of theoretical lessons and real-time practical insights. “We ensure they grasp the foundational concepts and elevate their understanding progressively,” Adams stated.

The curriculum offers basic geology, sampling, and ore reserve technician development courses. The team is also preparing for future roles linked to their upcoming copper operation.

With a state-of-the-art flotation plant in the pipeline, the emphasis is on advanced training modules. Adams remarked, “Our vision is clear. We want our institution to set the benchmark in Northern Cape, fostering alliances with Sol Plaatje University, neighboring mines, and the education department.”

When questioned about the scope of student exposure to modern mining facets, Adams detailed the school’s comprehensive approach. “From mining laws to cutting-edge drone technology, we’re ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Digital literacy stands out as a pressing need. While advanced topics like artificial intelligence are vital, foundational knowledge remains paramount. Our long-term strategy involves cultivating skills from the grassroots, ensuring students are well-equipped to navigate the evolving mining landscape.”

The overwhelming response to the school’s initial 30 openings—garnering over 200 applications—stands as a testament to the region’s zeal for specialized training.

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